April 04, 2021

Simplify Virtual Machine Backup with Datto SIRIS

By David Weiss

What is virtual machine backup?

A virtual machine (VM) is a file-based computer that runs inside a physical computer or server. A virtual computer has its own virtual hardware such as hard drives, memory, and CPUs so virtual machine backup is necessary to protect the VM’s data. Virtual machine backup often presents unique challenges for system administrators who want to ensure that a VM can be fully restored in case of a disaster.

Be ready to protect and restore virtual machine data with Datto SIRIS

With their ability to bring increased flexibility to workstations or servers, the use of virtual machines has been steadily increasing. A hypervisor is used on the physical machine to create and manage the various VMs and keep them isolated from each other, while sharing common hardware resources. Virtualization in this manner helps businesses to improve their efficiency, since they can simultaneously run multiple operating systems on a single server.

Virtual machines are highly compatible with cloud applications, which increases their flexibility to run multiple apps without concern for system requirements. However, if you are a managed service provider (MSP) tasked with having a complete business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan in place, virtual machine backup can be complicated.

VM backup gets tricky because there are different kinds of hypervisors, leading to different types of virtual machines. From there, you have to be aware of the various virtual machine backup techniques, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Datto BCDR solutions make it easy to fully protect all of your clients’ virtual machines with complete confidence. They provide MSPs with the ability to backup and restore any VMs, physical, or cloud infrastructure that run on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Datto SIRIS is a reliable, all-in-one BCDR solution built for MSPs that prevents data loss and minimizes client downtime. You can ensure fast data recovery and business continuity with Datto SIRIS, keeping your clients fully covered in the face of any scenario.

SIRIS gives you flexible deployment options. You’ll benefit from the ability to deploy as a plug-and-play, hardened physical appliance, as software installed on a virtual machine, or as an image on your own server hardware.


Virtual machine backup is an important part of SIRIS. Its extensive VM features includes ESXi and Hyper-V support, complete system image backup, instant recovery local or cloud, file or image-level restore, VMDK and VHDX export, ESXi upload, and Reverse RoundTrip.

Datto SIRIS is a complete cloud-managed BCDR solution, which provides local backup and offsite backup replication to the purpose-built and highly secure Datto Cloud, for a flat monthly fee. Besides serving as an offsite repository, the Datto Cloud is also useful for entire system recovery or file restores.

Capable of virtual machine recovery in seconds, the exabyte-class Datto Cloud is our private cloud built to serve the high-performance needs of MSPs. It is secure and immutable, with end-to-end security that includes Datto’s Cloud Deletion Defense, encrypted cloud backups, and mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA).

With Datto SIRIS, MSPs have a powerful ally in the fight against ransomware. According to recent research, downtime can cost a business almost 50X more than the requested ransom. The advanced ransomware detection features of Datto SIRIS help you to proactively discover ransomware threats–before they wreak havoc on your clients.

If SIRIS detects ransomware on a client system, a safe and secure virtual machine backup is just a click away. MSPs can “turn back the clock” by mounting the infected system so it can be restored to a snapshot taken prior to the attack.

Reducing Recovery Time Objective (RTO) while providing granular Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) is key for MSPs. With SIRIS you get Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology, which makes it easy for every incremental snapshot to serve as a fully constructed recovery point.

Combined with Advanced Backup Verification, Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology provides MSPs with complete confidence in their backups via fully validated and protected data. Windows or Linux backups can be scheduled as often as every five minutes, with backups scanned, tested, stored locally, and replicated to Datto’s globally distributed data centers. Datto’s Infinite Cloud Retention allows virtual machine backup data to be stored as long as needed.

Datto SIRIS empowers MSPs to protect critical business data and keep their clients going through a disaster. It’s an easy-to-use, single solution backed by our 24/7/365 tech support team.

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Benefits of Datto SIRIS for virtual machine backup

MSPs don’t need to wonder how to back up virtual machines. With Datto SIRIS, you have a dependable, all-in-one BCDR solution ready for the distinct needs of VM backup.

  • Flexible deployment options — available as a hardened appliance, virtual appliance, or software
  • ESXi and Hyper-V support
  • Complete system image backup
  • Instant recovery, local or cloud
  • File or image level restore
  • VMDK and VHDX export
  • ESXi upload
  • Reverse RoundTrip
  • Backup to the secure Datto Cloud
  • Ransomware detection
  • 24x7x365, direct-to-tech service and support

How to get started with Datto SIRIS

More and more businesses are incorporating virtual machines into their infrastructure. MSPs must have the most advanced BCDR solutions available to ensure that their clients’ VMs are fully protected for backup and fast recovery. Datto SIRIS makes it easy to keep all client data safe.

Contact Datto today: Experience the cloud-first data protection solutions of Datto BCDR, and see how they can help grow your business.

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Which systems work with Datto SIRIS?

Datto SIRIS supports servers running Windows Server 2012 and higher, as well as with various Linux (64-bit) distributions and VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Datto’s award-winning core technologies, 24x7x365 direct-to-tech service, support, and cloud management portal are always included.

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