Messaging & CollaborationAutotask Professional Services Automation (PSA)


We make chat manageable for MSPs and their customers. Our software service saves you time and effort by connecting ALL your favorite chat software to the business tools you already use, and automating where it makes sense.

Our software connects all the chat platforms you and your customers use to Autotask PSA. Customers can create, update, or check on tickets using web chat, SMS, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. Engineers can use Microsoft Teams for ticket notifications, and they can update tickets and add notes directly from Teams. They can even live chat with customers directly from Teams, no matter what chat the customer uses. Plus, all the details, including attachments, are automatically added back to the ticket.

Integration Features

  • Customer chat support on web, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams integration for techs, including notifications and chatops commands. One click in teams to update ticket status or add a note
  • Live chat bridge between techs in Teams and customer chat
  • Automatically creates tickets in Autotask based on customer chat
  • Ticket attachments from chat
  • Automatic transcript of chats added to tickets

Available worldwide in English.

Sales and Support:

Video: ChatStyle YouTube Channel