Efficient and Reliable

Cloud Managed Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Datto Managed Power provides cutting-edge, cloud-managed Power Distribution Units (PDUs) designed to ensure consistent, efficient, and reliable power distribution and management across your network infrastructure. 

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Transform Your Power Management With Datto Managed Power

Intelligent, Scalable Power Solutions 

Experience the pinnacle of power management with Datto Managed Power, featuring advanced, cloud-based PDUs designed to boost operational efficiency and simplify the management of your IT infrastructure’s power distribution. Whether you’re an MSP looking to optimize client networks or a business aiming to enhance your internal IT operations, Datto Managed Power delivers. 

Precision Power Monitoring

With Datto Managed Power, gain detailed insights into energy consumption with individually metered outlets, enabling proactive energy management and cost savings. This precision is invaluable for managing diverse client environments and businesses focused on sustainability and efficiency.

Easy Installation

Datto Managed Power PDUs are designed with simplicity in mind, arriving pre-configured for a true plug-and-play experience. This straightforward setup ensures they’re ready to operate immediately upon installation, significantly reducing deployment time in any IT environment. 

Seamless Integration

Once installed, Datto Managed Power seamlessly integrates into Datto’s Network Manager, providing a centralized platform for comprehensive network and power management. This integration offers the convenience of managing PDUs alongside other essential IT tools within Kaseya’s IT Operations Suite, streamlining daily operations and enhancing efficiency.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Datto Managed Power offers PDU configurations to suit any size of IT deployment, from small offices to data centers. This flexibility ensures that MSPs and businesses can find the perfect power management solution to meet their specific needs.

Optimized for All Businesses

Datto Managed Power’s benefits extend to all businesses looking to adopt modern, efficient power management practices. Its cloud-managed nature allows for remote monitoring and management, critical for today’s distributed IT landscapes.

Competitive Pricing Models

Datto understands the importance of flexible pricing in today’s dynamic business environment. With options suitable for every budget, Datto Managed Power supports your financial strategy, whether through upfront purchases or manageable, recurring payments. 

Unmatched Support and RMA

Rest assured with Datto’s 24x7x365 support and advanced replacement service, guaranteeing minimal downtime and maximum reliability for your power management system.

Leverage Datto Managed Power for Your IT Needs

Rapid Deployment

Instantly enhance your power management capabilities with easy-to-install, cloud-configured PDUs.

Comprehensive Energy Insights

Utilize detailed energy consumption data to drive efficiency and reduce operational costs across your IT infrastructure.

Remote Power Management

Empower your IT team or MSP with the ability to manage power settings from anywhere with Network Manager, providing flexibility and improved response times.

Transform your power management strategy with Datto Managed Power, the premier choice for MSPs and businesses committed to operational excellence and innovation.

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