February 23, 2023

Webinar Recap: Jump Start 2023 and Accelerate Your Growth with Datto Networking Solutions

By Chris McKie

Businesses rely on their networks for fast, reliable and secure connectivity. Unfortunately, MSPs today are faced with a whole slew of challenges when it comes to network connectivity. From supply chain demands and security concerns, to managing networking and delivering networking infrastructure, there are many issues an MSP may have to deal with. Luckily, Datto Networking is here to help solve those challenges.

I previously hosted a webinar, Jump Start 2023 and Accelerate Your Growth with Datto Networking Solutions, alongside Marcus Ward, General Manager Networking. We discussed the market as it stands today, Datto’s vision for the future of networking, how the Datto portfolio will help MSPs, and unveiled exciting new advancements to the Datto Networking solutions.

“The Network is mission critical…regardless of the size of business” – Chris McKie

There was much to pack into the short webinar, so we’ve highlighted just a few key points below:

  • Key factors driving networking today: If your network goes down, your business stops. 43 billion devices connected to the internet, demands for bandwidth growing 50% per year, the convergence of IT and OT, and hybrid work becoming a permanent option for many businesses, all make the need for advanced networking solutions evident.
  • The networking perimeter has changed: With the move to the cloud, more people than ever working from home, and the ability to access data anywhere, this new normal has stressed network architectures. Today, remote work-related breaches cost an additional $1 million. We’ve witnessed fundamental change that has been accelerated by digital transformation. To address this, we looked for a new approach – cloud SASE architecture – to provide a secure way for employees to access data anywhere. Datto Secure Edge is a cloud managed secure access solution for the growing number of remote and hybrid workers. Managed service providers can now simplify network access and deliver superior security compared to traditional VPN solutions.
  • Datto’s commitment to networking: Datto has always been known for our business continuity solutions, at our core the focus is all about keeping the business running. And when it comes to our networking offerings, we’re focused on reliability and high-performance. With Datto, if your network goes down, you’re still in business.
  • Our vision for the future of networking: Datto Networking is reliable, and designed for continuity and resilience. We offer affordable, easy-to-build solutions that are priced right and available now. We are by your side, always maintaining our services, keeping them fresh and up to date.

Datto has always put the MSP first and it is our promise to you that Datto and Kaseya are extremely committed to networking, having made significant investments over the past six months. We are excited to have several integrations launching in the first half of 2023 including Datto Commerce, Autotask and ITGlue.

Watch the recording here and schedule a demo to discover how Datto Networking Solutions provide the perfect blend of reliability and performance, ease of use and efficiency.

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