January 14, 2021

How to do network topology mapping with Datto RMM

By David Weiss

What is network topology mapping?

Network topology mapping is the act of visually and logically mapping a network to understand the connections between networked devices. Some organisations use dedicated network mapping software, while others rely on mapping functionality built into network or remote management solutions.

Datto RMM network topology mapping

For MSPs, managing clients’ networks can be complicated. Endpoints, servers, and networks devices all need to be monitored, supported and secured. And, it’s no longer enough to know what’s on the network. Managed service providers need to understand the relationships between these devices to keep their customers up and running.

MSPs rely on remote monitoring and management (RMM) software to perform a wide variety of tasks. Some RMM solutions, including Datto RMM, offer native network topology maps.

Choosing an all-in-one RMM solution that offers network topology mapping makes sense for MSPs. These products reduce the number of steps it takes to perform network management tasks. As a result there is no need to navigate multiple UIs. Thus increasing efficiency on the services you deliver.

Datto RMM’s Network Topology Map features include:

Automated mapping.
Datto RMM automatically generates intuitive network maps for every site under management. Maps are presented on the site summary view, so information is readily available. MSPs get complete visibility across the network, showing how devices are connected.

Continuous network discovery.
Network Topology Maps help MSPs better manage their clients’ networks by repeatedly discovering and identifying every device on the network. Network topology mapping generates a visual layout of the network to show how devices are connected and identify issues.

Lightweight discovery technology conducts high-frequency scans to capture up to date device information, including:

  • Operating system
  • Manufacturer
  • Hostname
  • Device type
  • IP addresses
  • MAC addresses
  • Used uplink port
  • Relationships between the device and the networking infrastructure
  • Managed/unmanaged status

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Benefits of Datto RMM’s Network Topology Map?

Datto RMM network topology benefits include:

  • Increased visibility. MSPs get essential network information at a glance, identify device issues, and how they impact the rest of the network.
  • Streamlined troubleshooting. Technicians can quickly navigate to any device, gather critical information, and set up a remote connection.
  • Network changes simplified. Network Mapping can identify dependencies among devices before making network changes to avert issues before they happen.
  • Streamlined client onboarding. MSPs can efficiently conduct network assessments without the need for specialized tools
  • Real-time updates. Continuous network scanning keeps network device information current.
  • Increased security. Identify unmanaged devices and associated risks.
  • Increased efficiency. Eliminate the need to switch between multiple tools to resolve issues. For MSPs, efficiency means increased profits.

How to get started with Datto RMM Network Topology Map?

Datto RMM Network Topology Map gives MSPs complete visibility into client networks. It scans networks to keep device information up to date, identifying potential security risks. Network topology mapping helps MSPs keep clients secure, deliver excellent customer service, and create efficiencies that increase profits.

Network Topology Map is available free of charge for Datto RMM to Datto Partners. To learn more about Datto RMM Networking Integration fits into your managed services business, schedule a demo today.

Which systems does Network Topology Map support?

Network Topology is not dependent on Datto Networking devices. All devices that are connected to the network and have a valid IP address will be discovered. However, if the Datto Networking integration is active, MSPs gain access to advanced switch management from within the RMM UI.

Datto RMM supports network scanning from systems running Windows 7 SP1 and all subsequent major Windows OS & Server versions, Linux (64-bit) and the latest two versions of macOS.

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