August 31, 2020

CyberDrain Releases New Datto RMM Components for Office 365

By Adrian Luh

Datto’s mission has always been to empower Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with the right technology to help clients run their businesses efficiently. To this end, Datto has been partnering with Kelvin Tegelaar of CyberDrain, a Microsoft-certified engineer and thought leader on the uses of PowerShell, to develop new Datto RMM components. This means Datto partners don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to implementing best-practices policies and automation.

We are happy to announce that 16 new components, designed to help keep partners’ Microsoft Office 365 deployments in check, are available now in the ComStore at no extra charge for Datto RMM partners. CyberDrain’s scripts can be used alongside a Office 365 deployment to ensure it is working properly and securely, and raise alerts for instances demanding immediate administrative attention.

Keeping track of things like deleted users or Active Directory Connect synchronizations can mean the difference between order and chaos for MSPs. More so, monitoring when break-glass users have logged on or when Modern Authentication is not enabled for tenants can help address security threats before they become security breaches.

Using the CyberDrain components, Datto RMM can alert when:

  • O365 synchronization has not occurred for 24 hours
  • An admin password is changed in any tenants controlled by the partner
  • A break-glass user has logged on
  • A new team has been created in the last day
  • An O365 users have been blocked
  • A deleted user is found in the recycle bin
  • A deleted user in the recycle bin is about to be permanently deleted
  • A user does not have MFA enabled
  • User has an insecure MFA type enabled, such as SMS
  • Modern Authentication is not enabled for a tenant
  • A user is logged on from an unexpected location (checks IPv4 only)
  • Mailbox size of a user passes a defined threshold
  • OneDrive or SharePoint site is reaching synchronization limitations
  • The O365 Unified audit log has not been enabled
  • A tenant contains unused licenses

Datto RMM + Office 365

MSPs’ needs are constantly evolving, and it’s crucial their products and solutions innovate along with them. Datto RMM, our 100% cloud remote monitoring and management tool has monthly release cycles and constant updates to support the constantly changing demands of the IT landscape.

As more clients work from home in distributed environments that are less secure, the role of monitoring and automatic notification of risk takes on greater importance. It is critical that MSPs have the ability to monitor endpoint devices and keep them in compliance.

To download the 16 new Office 365 components from CyberDrain, visit the ComStore from your Datto RMM account. It’s never been a better time for your Office 365 and Datto RMM accounts to start talking to each other.

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