How Two River Technology Group Achieved Powerful Outcomes With Datto RMM

Two River Technology Group is a modern managed service provider (MSP) hailing from Holmdel, New Jersey. With a strong focus on cybersecurity, they provide comprehensive IT services to an impressive list of over 100 clients, most of whom are from the highly regulated financial services sector. They also service a small number of professional services companies, providing a tailored experience to all.

Keeping customer-centricity and innovation at their core, the team at Two River Technology has built a reputation for delivering a white-gloved experience to every client, no matter how complex their needs may be. We had a riveting conversation with Michael Mollica, the Chief Information Security Officer at Two River Technology, on the strategic importance of investing in the right tools for long-term growth. During the discussion, Datto RMM emerged as the driving force behind their wins, enabling them to boost efficiency and slash costs while consistently impressing clients.

  • Company: Two River Technology Group
  • Industry: MSP
  • Location: Holmdel, New Jersey
  • Established: 2004
  • Interviewed: Michael Mollica, Chief Information Security Officer

“Onboarding with Datto RMM was super straightforward. All the configurations were looked at. All my questions were answered.”

Michael Mollica

Chief Information Security Officer, Two River Technology Group

The Challenge

With a staggering 2,100 endpoints to oversee and a less-than-stellar RMM solution to manage them all, Two River Technology Group was in a tough spot. The RMM solution they had in place was severely lacking in functionality and high in complexity. Instead of simplifying work, it seemed to pile on the challenges. To further complicate matters, poor customer service from the vendor was preventing them from getting the support they needed.

It was time to make a change. The MSP needed a more advanced and robust RMM solution that could provide comprehensive endpoint management and better customer service. They decided to give Datto RMM a try.

As would be expected in this situation, they evaluated Datto’s customer service team extensively. Michael cold-called the Datto help desk line at different hours of the day and was impressed to have his calls received in under a minute. He knew he was talking to skilled professionals who were based out of the U.S. and understood the needs of an MSP business. This, coupled with Datto RMM’s market-leading features, capabilities and innovation approach, helped seal the deal.

“I noticed very quickly that once all our endpoints were in Datto RMM, there wasn’t much setup involved. It was phenomenal.”

Michael Mollica

Chief Information Security Officer, Two River Technology Group

The Solution

Right at the outset, the seamless migration to Datto RMM left a positive impression on Michael and the team at Two River Technology. During the conversation, Michael highlighted the personalized and meticulous process the Datto support team followed, proactively reaching out with support and addressing challenges even before the MSP could put its finger on it.

Following the migration, the MSP started seeing more streamlined processes, faster service delivery and seamless automation of several mundane tasks that resulted in increased efficiency and cost savings. In just a couple of days, Two River Technology’s patch compliance for Windows surged from 60% to about 88%. Additionally, their technicians reclaimed several hours per week that were taken up by manual patching.

With the added capability to manage Mac solutions through Datto RMM, the MSP bid farewell to its Mac management solution, Addiggy. This strategic move instantly put $500 to $600 back into their pockets each month. What’s more, the automated onboarding feature in Datto RMM eliminated the need for another solution the MSP was using exclusively for this purpose. Now, onboarding took place with inventory, resulting in additional cost savings and efficiency. For far less money, they now had a faster and leaner tech stack and increased capabilities.

Additional perks were to follow. Soon after the MSP moved to Datto RMM, one of their top client’s contracts was coming up for renewal. The client sought concrete evidence of the MSP’s value. Once again, the MSP reached out to the support team and discovered a treasure trove of pre-configured reports and executive summaries readily available in Datto RMM. Leveraging this feature, the MSP tactfully instituted the practice of delivering weekly reports to the clients. This streamlined approach not only met the client’s demands but also underscored the MSP’s commitment to delivering demonstrable value.

“I’m always thinking critically about how a product can be made better. Since we started using Datto RMM, I can’t think of any improvement that could be made to make our lives easier. It’s intelligent.”

Michael Mollica

Chief Information Security Officer, Two River Technology Group

Other Benefits

At the same time the conversation was taking place, Michael’s team was setting up the Microsoft 365 user management module management in Datto RMM behind the scenes. This game-changing feature enables MSPs to tackle any Microsoft 365 account issue right from the heart of Datto RMM. Michael emphasized the critical advantage of being able to address a security compromise immediately instead of first spending five minutes logging into the tenant. In cybersecurity, where seconds can prove fatal, saving five minutes can make all the difference.

Looking ahead, the MSP is eyeing the Datto ransomware detection solution. Having a ransomware detection tool that not only boasts the best defense in the market but seamlessly integrates with the top-notch RMM tool, Datto, is a tech superhero’s dream come true. For technicians, being able to manage everything from a single window and avoid juggling different, unintegrated services that lead to fatigue is invaluable.

Beyond Datto RMM, Two River Technology is armed with other solutions from the Kaseya family of products, like IT Glue for password management and RocketCyber Managed SOC, to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to IT and security.  All in all, Datto RMM and products from Kaseya are providing Two River Technology with the necessary tools to stay competitive in an ever-changing IT landscape.

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“You know when something is properly developed and it knows how to work with the operating system, it makes lives easier.”

Michael Mollica

Chief Information Security Officer, Two River Technology Group