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Vijilan Security, LLC

ThreatRespond and ThreatAlert

Vijilan is all about Information security monitoring for MSP companies. We have combined all the technology necessary to monitor, detect and respond to information security threats. We do this by combining the on-prem and cloud log collection, real-time detection, search events, and reporting capabilities to our own US-based 24×7 Security Operations Center and Security team.

The service offering ThreatRespond and ThreatAlert are tailored exclusively for MSP’s, MSSP’s, VAR’s, and Integrators who want to add cybersecurity service into their portfolio.

The potential threats detected by the Vijilan Information Security Hub are converted into alerts and incidents in the Vijilan Portal. They contain valuable information related to the potential threat like related detections, events, and even the raw logs.

Each incident or alert can be converted into an Autotask’s ticket using the Vijilan 2-way integration of notes and attachments.

Autotask integration settings require only 15 minutes. Use a configuration wizard to Inform the credentials, select the statuses, choose the queue of your preference, review the configuration, and then confirm.

  • 2-way ticketing integration.
  • Use the Autotask queue of your preference.
  • Define actions associated with Autotask statuses.
  • Share attachments.

Available worldwide in English.

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