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Kanban for Datto Autotask

TopLeft makes tools for MSPs. As a division of an established MSP, we know what problems MSPs face and how to solve them in elegant and effective ways.

Our premier product is Kanban boards that integrate with PSA suites.

Kanban boards help MSPs take back control of their work. Visualize your work to understand project progress, accelerate helpdesk dispatch, identify neglected tasks, and crush the bottlenecks that slow down your team.

Kanban boards have a series of columns that represent each stage in your service and project workflows, and each column contains cards that represent the tickets or tasks in that stage. Boards can be split into horizontal lanes that group cards by assigned member or project, allowing you to easily see how work is distributed in your team.

  • Display service tickets, project tasks, and sales opportunities in Kanban boards
  • Visualize tickets grouped by status, resource, project, queue, etc.
  • Drag-and-drop cards to indicate their progression through your pipeline and to show their priority relative to other cards
  • Highlight neglected work so you can identify and fix it fast
  • Understand your work by customizing card appearance based on properties of tickets and tasks
  • Assign and dispatch work from Kanban
  • Enter technicians’ time from Kanban
  • Fetches data directly from Datto Autotask and update it in real-time

Available worldwide in English

Contact information for Sales and Support 604-824-2770