How to talk Cyber Security to Your C-Suite in 2024

In this episode of the Modern CTO podcast, Datto experts Chris McKie, VP Product Marketing – Security, and Matthe Smit, General Manager Datto RMM, discuss various cybersecurity challenges and strategies and highlight the importance of addressing cybersecurity concerns in contemporary business operations.

The episode delves into the multifaceted realm of cybersecurity, and how to discuss these issues with executives who might not be technologically savvy. Listen to Chris and Matthe as they discuss:

  • The significance of cybersecurity in safeguarding organizational assets.
  • Effective methods for communicating cybersecurity matters to C-suite executives, highlighting the need for clarity and risk-oriented language.
  • The necessity of presenting cybersecurity discussions in terms of risk, business interruptions, and operations to demystify complexities.
  • The significance of integrating security into digital transformation efforts and decision-making processes.

Be prepared for some of the most important conversations you will have with your executives by listening to this important discussion today!

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