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INFIMA Security

Fully Automated Security Awareness Training

INFIMA Security is a leading provider of Security Awareness Training for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Developed by cybersecurity experts and behavioral psychologists, INFIMA delivers training built to be retained. No long, boring videos. No gimmicks or cheesy shock tactics. Key messages resonate with users, empowering organizations to grow a culture of awareness and ensuring that training never becomes a “click-through” exercise.

The results speak for themselves.

Integration Features

  • Simplify billing management and reconciliation
  • Map each INFIMA client to the corresponding Autotask Company, Contract, and Service
  • Automatically sync user counts to Contracts, either monthly or daily
  • View status and last date of sync for each mapped Contract

Available worldwide in English.

Contacts Website – https://infimasec.com

Support – support@infimasec.com

Sales – https://infimasec.com/talk-to-us