Security Starts Here: Datto Demo Day

Ransomware attacks increased 51% year over year. With the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI), cybercriminals have found new creative ways to attack your client’s data. Not only do your clients need you to protect their data, but they also need you to recover it quickly. With an average of $8,000 per hour of downtime an attack can be detrimental to your client’s business.

Thousands of MSPs have partnered with Datto to keep their client’s information safe and to help them establish trust within the market so they can grow their business. During this webinar we’re going to show you why. Watch our Datto experts as they break down how you can deal with a ransomware attack starting at the boom. This webinar will cover five topics:

  1. How to identify an attack as soon as it happens.
  2. Tools to safeguard and protect your digital assets.
  3. How to catch and detect threats that others are missing.
  4. The importance of responding to threats quickly.
  5. Why recovery is crucial to minimize any business interruptions.

Security starts with Datto, find out why during the webinar. Watch Now!

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