Datto Tech Exec Connect

Successfully supporting clients in Microsoft Azure starts with keeping their workloads protected — and doing it at a predictable price.

Join industry experts for a deep dive into solving cloud adoption challenges within the MSP space. You’ll gain best practices on building a secure and sustainable cloud practice, to help prepare you for the oncoming migration of your clients’ workloads to Azure.

Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure provides hourly replication to the secure Datto Cloud, daily backup verification, and optimal RTO and RPO performance — so your clients can work in Microsoft Azure with the confidence that you will keep them protected. All of this is delivered at a simple, flat-fee price.

Register for our upcoming webinar! See how you can customize protection, increase margin, and scale business growth with this flexible, turnkey solution.

The can’t-miss agenda includes topics like:

  • The growing role of Azure in cloud adoption, for MSPs and your clients
  • The necessity of BCDR for protecting Azure workloads
  • Tips for MSPs who are providing BCDR for the cloud
  • Why predictable costs are essential for a sustainable cloud practice
  • And more!