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Datto Networking Switches enable you to easily serve networks of any size.

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Explore the Top Features of Datto Switches

Easy to install and simple to manage with the right set of features for small and medium sized businesses.

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Full PoE on Every Port

With built-in support for PoE+, every Datto switch can power up to 30 watts on all ports, powering several IP devices and taking advantage of a wide range of available power budgets.

switched zero touch

Zero-Touch Deployment

Once a Datto Networking Switch has power and an Internet connection, Datto’s Network Manager sees it, and starts to report data.

Cloud-Managed Switching

Datto’s cloud-managed Switches deliver affordable, high-end performance switching to seamlessly connect devices and users on the network.


Robust High-Performance Switching

Power Management with PoE

Flexibility to deliver switching performance with power on every port.

VoIP Phone Support

Deliver the PoE needed by the IP phones. Voice VLAN and QoS are also fully supported.

Crafted for Control

Datto Networking Switches give you control of your network configuration with 8, 24, or 48 port models perfect for any small and medium business. A new multi-gig configuration allows for businesses to connect high performance Wi-Fi 6 Access Points and workstations based on 802.3bz.

Just Plug & Play

Easy to deploy and manage.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Once a Datto Networking Switch has power and an Internet connection, Network Manager sees it, and starts to report data.

Network Cloning

Once a network configuration is set, deploying those same settings to a new network is as simple as clicking “clone.”

Auto-Firmware Management

Datto Networking’s Auto-Firmware Management enables you to schedule when firmware updates will be delivered from the cloud to the networking device.

Switches That Integrate With Datto RMM

Remotely monitor and manage all of your clients networking devices
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Purpose-Built for Businesses

Finally, a networking switch purpose-built for businesses of all sizes.

Single Pane of Glass Management

Everything you need is available via Datto’s Network Manager. That means you never have to go on-site to troubleshoot or change a configuration. You can manage all of your networks from one single pane of glass.

Affordable Monthly Pricing

Datto Networking Switches pricing enables deployment of Networking as a Managed Service without the upfront costs.

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