Employee Performance & ManagementAutotask Professional Services Automation (PSA)


Strety is the first MSP focused platform to run a Business Operating System (like Entrepreneur Operating System) within Microsoft Teams. Built by the founding team of BrightGauge, the company is focused on delivering MSPs the best platform to implement high level business operating systems like EOS for the MSP and resell to their clients.

Strety integrates with Autotask to create & sync Strety To Dos with Tickets and Projects. For example, if you are in a meeting and there is a follow To Do created, Strety can automatically create a ticket in Autotask. This way the team stays in Autotask for their day to day task management.

Features Include

  • Create Autotask Tickets
  • Update Due Dates from Strety
  • 2 way sync back from Autotask. When tickets are closed in Autotask, the To Do is completed in Strety
  • [Soon] Link Rocks/Goals to Projects in Autotask



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