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Malwarebytes provides organizations and consumer with device protection, privacy, and prevention through effective, intuitive, and inclusive solutions in the home, on-the-go, at work, or on campus. A world-class team of threat researchers and security experts enable Malwarebytes to protect millions of customers and combat existing and never-before-seen threats using artificial intelligence and machine learning to catch new threats rapidly. With threat hunters and innovators across the world, the company is headquartered in California with offices in Europe and Asia. For more information, visit

The Malwarebytes integration with Datto RMM enables MSPs to provide a higher level of endpoint security to clients while reducing the overhead of delivering their service. With simplified deployment of the OneView agent through the Datto RMM console, MSPs can more quickly onboard and secure new customer endpoints. In addition, direct visibility into endpoint threat definition databases from within Datto RMM ensures MSPs ensure that security definitions are kept up to date.

Onboarding a new customer

Once your customer is registered within Datto RMM, you can deploy the Malwarebytes OneView agent across your customer’s endpoints with the enabled default security settings. This provides your customer with immediate protection.

Quickly verify threat definition status across endpoints

The Datto RMM console makes it easy for your MSP teams to view the current threat definition status of your customers’ OneView agents. This allows your team to ensure all endpoints are up to date and providing maximum protection.

Deprovision an end user machine

With the integrated solutions, it’s easy to manage your endpoint deprovisioning and reprovisioning. From your Datto RMM console, you can uninstall the OneView agent and recover the decommissioned software license. This returns the license to your pool for future use.

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