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Located in Central NY, our sister company Directive, an MSP company has been serving local businesses’ IT needs for over 25 years. When we changed to the Managed Services model in 2008/2009 we began redesigning our website. Our CEO did not want our clients to have to manage two logins, for the website and for the helpdesk portal. This started the internal project to integrate our website with our PSA. The result was JoomConnect.

JoomConnect is a deep automation platform capable of integrating your website and third-party services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and many other website add-ons. With it, you can easily automate your sales, marketing, and service requests too!

JoomConnect is an integration between your website and Autotask designed to automate your prospect-gathering efforts, deploy Tickets, create To-Dos, and opportunities for your sales / service teams and more.

  • Create the Company and contact
  • Easily create forms for sales requests, help desk requests or your marketing events
  • Add your users / contacts to contact groups
  • Use custom fields to gather specific information
  • Customize website experience based on Company or marketing group

Available worldwide in English.

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