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D3 Security Management Systems


D3 Security’s XGEN SOAR platform is the only SOAR platform that combines automation and orchestration across 500+ integrated tools with an automated event pipeline that reduces event volume by 90% or more. D3’s codeless playbooks automate enrichment and remediation tasks, while making it easy for anyone to build, modify, and scale workflows for security operations, incident response, and threat hunting.

D3 XGEN SOAR’s integration with Autotask PSA enables users to orchestrate ticket management, time management, and SLA metric tracking from the D3 interface. Users can create, update, and delete tickets or time entries, as well as query Autodesk PSA for information. Integrating with D3 connects Autodesk PSA to automation-powered security operations workflows that orchestrate across 500+ other tools.

  • Create, update, or close Autotask PSA tickets from the D3 interface
  • Create, update, query, or retrieve Autotask PSA time entries from the D3 interface
  • D3 can parse the elements of a ticket to enrich the ticket with contextual intelligence
  • D3 playbooks can be applied to ticket workflows, such as automatically contacting the appropriate person for approval before a ticket is closed

Available worldwide in English.

Contact for Sales and Support: Amardeep Dhingra, adhingra@d3security.com

Documentation: Our user manual is embedded into the software.