August 10, 2022

Sales Tips for Success: How to Sell Datto SaaS Defense

By Erin Stephan

Phishing Attacks on the Rise

Phishing is the second largest cause of data breaches, with roughly one in every 323 emails targeted at Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) according to Symantec’s 2019 Internet Security Threat Report. Smaller organizations were more likely to be hit by email threats such as spam, phishing, and email malware than large organizations. As phishing attempts rise, the risks that you or your clients could fall victim to a malicious attack only increase.

So how can Datto protect you and your clients?

Secure solutions are at the core of Datto’s technology. Datto SaaS Defense is the latest of our security solutions, providing managed service providers (MSPs) the extra layer of security, to ensure their customers and networks are fully protected. By detecting known and unknown malware threats at first encounter across the Microsoft 365 collaboration suite, shortening the time to detection Datto Saas Defense helps to close the threat protection gap.

Whether you are just getting into the security space, or looking to offer Datto SaaS Defense to your clients, we have gathered insights from current partners to help you start promoting the value of Datto SaaS Defense.


How do I relay the importance of and need for Datto SaaS Defense to my clients?

The awareness around phishing is already persuasive. Your clients have undoubtedly come across phishing emails, but they may not know what can be done to combat this issue. Leverage this guided conversation you could have with your client to illustrate the need for Datto SaaS Defense:

Client: Why do I need Datto SaaS Defense in particular?

You: Datto SaaS Defense doesn’t just defend against malicious emails – if you download a file to OneDrive that may have a bug, we will protect you. If there happens to be something in your Teams channels that contains a malicious link, we will detect it and protect you against it. We give you the coverage for your entire Microsoft 365 suite, not just email. We’re going to help you sleep better at night by protecting you from these threats upfront. We’ve got the best solution, you don’t even have to worry about operating it,it will automatically go to work to protect you.

But this isn’t the first advanced threat protection or email security solution on the market? Why should I choose Datto?

There are plenty of solutions out there, and yet we still see ransomware coming in through phishing attempts. Those solutions need a lot of care and feeding to operate efficiently, especially around zero-day and emerging threats. They need to first see the threat out in the wild to understand how it operates before the solution can adapt to stop it.

Datto SaaS Defense scans through each application in Microsoft 365 to examine, “how is that application supposed to operate?” and “what is the definition of good and safe code paths?” to treat those existing conditions as the known good state. Then, if we ever see anything operating outside of that state, such as a potentially malicious link, or code execution outside of the norm, then it gets flagged as “alien.”, That is, it’s identified as operating outside of the norm and is immediately blocked and prevented from getting to the end user. The result? It works to protect you, our partners, whether it is known or unknown and you don’t need to do all of the care, feeding, and management that you need to do with traditional solutions.

I’m in and ready to bring this to my client! How do I approach them?

A soundbite you can use is that Datto SaaS Defense provides protection across the entire Microsoft 365 suite. Connect on the things your client experiences in their everyday lives (spam, widespread ransomware attacks in the news). Let them know this is the solution with the highest efficacy that will do the best job protecting them. With Datto SaaS Defense, they don’t have to worry about becoming one of those cyberattack victims they hear about in the news.


Take advantage of these additional tips and tricks based on conversations we have had with other MSPs:

  • #1 Short, simple conversations are key. One of the easiest ways to foray into this conversation with your clients is to bring it alongside your current conversations and existing products, rather than sell service-by-service. Each time you have a new conversation with a client, bring these new ideas to help them evolve and help you brand your security offering.

  • #2 Protect yourself. It’s likely that your most stubborn customers will tend to see cost over the benefit of any service, but that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer for your clients’ choices. It’s important to defend yourself as an MSP, so we have seen many MSPs adopt the use of a waiver for these more stubborn customers. When a client doesn’t want to buy a new product, have them sign this waiver so that they acknowledge “we are running unprotected” or “we have not subscribed to as much as you have recommended in the security space”. When something does go awry, you can go back and demonstrate how much time and labor is put in to clean it up.

  • #3 Differentiate yourself. Offering a security bundle can help you stand out as an MSP. Turning your Microsoft 365 offering into 365+ offering illustrates to your potential client that you provide an elevated level of service, compared to the next MSP.

Don’t leave your clients vulnerable to phishing attacks. Request a demo to learn more and get started today.

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