October 06, 2022

Miercom’s Competitive Validation Test Shows: Datto SaaS Defense Beats the Competition

By Rotem Shemesh

Datto has recently engaged Miercom to conduct an independent, third-party performance assessment of Datto SaaS Defense against comparable advanced threat protection solutions. We are proud to share the results of that test comparing Datto SaaS Defense against Barracuda Email Security and Vade Secure while covering the detection rates of multiple types of malware, ease of deployment and user experience.

Conducted by the well-respected worldwide testing firm, Miercom, the head-to-head test shows that Datto SaaS Defense delivers significantly higher protection for Microsoft 365 suite compared to the competition.

Miercom engineers simulated three test environments to represent a real-world scenario of a business receiving malware, phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) threats to its Microsoft 365 among many benign messages. Each solution received controlled streams of 3,000-4,000 emails per day. Once the messages were received, each was classified as malicious or legitimate. The malware detection percentage and the total number of false positives were calculated to conclude the level of detection and efficacy.

Datto SaaS Defense was the only product also tested for malware detection across the entire Microsoft 365 Suite (OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams) as it was the only product evaluated that has this level of protection.

Here are some highlights from the test:

  • Superior Microsoft 365 protection – detected 96% of the malware delivered via Microsoft 365 applications

  • Protection beyond email – the only vendor to offer protection for OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams

  • Top BEC detection rates – 91% detection efficacy for Business Email Compromise threats, outperforming the competition by at least 29%

  • Highest malware detection – highest efficacy across multiple threat categories – scoring perfect (100%) detection for Advanced Evasive Technique, Backdoor and Remote Access Trojan malware samples

  • Deployment to detection in minutes – the easiest and quickest solution to install and fully deploy – up and running in less than 20 minutes

The Miercom report proves that MSPs no longer have to choose between high-quality of malware detection and ease of deployment and use with Datto SaaS Defense.

Download Miercom’s Advanced Threat Detection Competitive Validation Testing for the detailed report.

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