September 08, 2021

Datto Saas Protection Now Offers Client Billing Integration with Datto Autotask PSA

By Ona Blanchette

Many managed service providers (MSPs) face multiple strains on their already limited time and resources. Currently, Datto SaaS Protection Partners have to manually generate their Client Billing each month. This task requires them to copy cost, quantity, and other details of purchased Datto products from Portal to each service item on Autotask PSA. This results in a very inconvenient and labor-intensive experience.

Centralized Operations for Increased Billing Efficiency with Datto Autotask PSA

Autotask PSA is the central hub for MSPs, and we are excited to announce Datto SaaS Protection now offers integrated client billing functionality with Datto Autotask PSA. This highly requested integration of Datto’s open platform and API enable MSPs to integrate with more than 200 critical applications such as remote monitoring and management, and accounting solutions. By adding the SaaS Protection and Datto Autotask PSA integration, MSPs can centralize and automate SaaS Protection to their client billing.

Datto – The Streamlined MSP Experience

This integration adds yet another tool for MSPs to dramatically reduce the monthly time and resources spent manually creating individual client billing by automatically generating service items for client billing, including cost and quantity.

The Datto Autotask PSA integration can be done in a few simple steps by navigating to the Datto Partner Portal and choosing “Integrations” from the “Admin” tab, and click “Autotask PSA.” Once you’re authenticated, set up automatic client billing by clicking the “Purchasing and Billing” tab in the Datto Partner Portal, then selecting “Client Billing” from the drop-down menu. The Client Billing page displays a list of all your current Datto SaaS Protection clients and allows you the opportunity to configure per client.

To learn more on how this integration works, watch this video:


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