Datto Networking WiFi

When WiFi is purpose-built for the MSP, everyone wins.

Easily deploy and manage products with the right feature set MSPs’ small to medium sized clients. They get WiFi that just works. Datto Networking WiFi is purpose-built for the MSP to deliver enterprise class WiFi performance as a service.

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Born in the Cloud

MSP-Centric WiFi begins in the cloud. Datto WiFi is completely cloud managed, so there is nothing to install on-site and the MSP doesn’t have to spin up its own cloud just to make it work.

Datto Partner Portal

A one-stop-shop of networking management and business tools built for MSPs to operate more efficiently and grow their business

Networking Status

Accessed directly from the Datto Partner Portal, you can monitor all networks and connected client devices in a single multi-tenant view.

Networking Status enables at-a-glance views of all Datto Networking deployments with simple visual cues of a device's’ connection status. Now, you can proactively monitor your customers’ connections and quickly take action when needed. Networking Status is an MSP-Centric view of networking from the most MSP-Centric networking product line in the world.

Drill-Down Configuration Management

Datto Networking enables cloud-driven deployments for you to quickly get clients up and running. It starts with toggle driven, drill-down configuration options in the Networking Management interface.

Then, when all of the configurations are set, you can simply clone that configuration to another similar client network. Setting up network configurations takes minutes, not hours or days. All that’s left is to plug in the networking devices. Simple, rapid deployment born in the cloud.

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MSP Aligned

Simple, easy to install, manage and support: solutions that empower MSPs to serve small to medium sized customers.

Integration with MSP Tools

Use existing RMM and PSA tools with Datto supported native integrations.

No more cobbling together integration options or force fitting SNMP or an XML feed just so the networking tools can work with the ticketing system or other MSP tools. We handle the integration, support it, and continue to improve it. All for you, our MSP partners.

No PHD Required

A PhD is not required to configure and manage Datto Networking.

Technicians who install, configure, and manage Datto Networking deployments do not have to get expensive certifications or attend week-long training courses. From the simplicity of setting up a Guest WiFi network to simple cloud based configurations and management, Datto Networking WiFi is really easy. You do not have to send your most expensive networking engineer onsite for every Datto Networking issue. Instead,you can debug and deploy from the cloud. Just plug the AP in and it works. That’s all it takes.

Multi-tenant Networking Status

Accessed from the Datto Partner Portal, Networking Status enables you to monitor all networks and connected devices in a multi-tenant view.

From the same management portal used to manage all Datto devices, Networking Status delivers an at-a-glance view complete with visual cues to indicate a device’s connected state. The end result is an MSP-Centric view of networking devices for you to quickly and easily monitor all client networks.

Simple Guest Networking

The use of guest WiFi networks is growing. Now, you can deploy Guest Wifi for small to medium sized businesses in a matter of minutes. With auto creation of a guest VLAN, splash page editor, integrated vouchers, and support for Facebook WiFi, guest network deployment has never been easier.

Monthly Service Pricing

Licensing and contracts often get in the way of how an MSP conducts normal business. Datto Networking is priced in the same way you sells your service: monthly. There are no charges for devices sitting in inventory. Now, you can eliminate the problem of force fitting networking into your business model. Everything about Datto Networking is MSP-Centric.

Auto Optimised

WiFi works best when it utilizes smart technology to self tune for better performance. Datto Networking includes different auto-optimizations to continuously improve broadcast and WiFi performance.

Automatic Self-Healing Mesh

As soon as Datto Networking’s access points are plugged in, they connect to the cloud and connect to each other...wirelessly. The mesh connection automatically forms, creating an encrypted mesh network, which is important for a couple of reasons:

1.- If you deploy Datto Networking into an environment with limited access to cabling, the mesh will deliver WiFi to those locations. This flexibility increases the options for deploying WiFi into areas that may not otherwise be accessible.

2.- If the access point is hard wired (all Datto Networking APs are 802.3 af PoE), and the ethernet cable is severed or damaged, the AP will automatically connect to one of the other APs on the network. Users will usually be unaware of the change, but you will be alerted in order to take action. It’s a continuously operating WiFi network that just works.

Auto-Channel Scanning

Ensuring users can always connect to a strong signal with minimal interference will improve overall WiFi performance. Datto Networking access points scan all channels once a day to determine the channel with the least amount of interference. Then the AP will automatically select a new channel if it determines there is one with a better broadcast signal. It’s fine tuning for better WiFi.

Auto-Firmware Management

Datto Networking’s Auto-Firmware Management enables you to schedule when firmware updates will be delivered from the cloud to the networking device. This simplifies how you manage your fleet of devices, as it eliminates the need to track different firmware versions and ensures all devices are optimized for the most current and stable firmware releases.

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“Just-Plug-It-In” Install

For an MSP, the simpler a product is to install, the better. Datto Networking WiFi was built to be simple: just plug it in and have it work.

Cloud Managed

Installing Datto Networking access points is a matter of just plugging the devices in. Datto APs get their configuration from the cloud. Set up the configuration once, then plug in the AP. Later, any changes you want to make to the configurations, it’s back to the cloud. Being fully-cloud managed lets you deploy quickly and simplifies how network devices are managed.

Network Cloning

Once a network configuration is set, deploying those same settings to a new network is as simple as clicking “Clone.” That action copies all of the configuration settings and devices to a new network, saving the MSP time and money. Set it once, clone it and deploy.

Zero-Touch Deployment

For an MSP, there are few things more aggravating than having to send an expensive resource onsite for a difficult and lengthy deployment. With Datto Networking, there is nothing to install on site. Datto Networking access points get their configurations from the cloud. Set everything up once in the cloud, then just plug the devices in. Zero-touch deployment. Money saving and just smart networking.

Smarter MSP Networking

Everything about Datto Networking was purpose-built for the MSP. From ordering devices to streamlined deployments, Datto Networking is the smart way for an MSP to do networking.

Just One SKU

Four models of APs, with just one SKU for each. But with each SKU, you get everything needed to install the AP, indoor or outdoor. On the ceiling or on the wall. Everything is in the box.

Self-Forming WIFI

Smart Datto Networking products know when they’ve been plugged in. They also know about the other access points on their same network. They even connect to the other APs through an encrypted wireless mesh connection. So if an AP ever loses its hardwired connection, it still works. APs self-form with each other and also in the cloud. And all you need to do is plug them in.

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Warranty & Support

At Datto, we believe in the value of great products and an unwavering commitment to 24x7x365 customer service and support. Every Datto Networking product ships with a three-year warranty...backed by our replacement program. If you have an issue with your device, we ship you a new one before you send your damaged device back. That way users are always connected. Powerful networks, the Datto way.

Model AP42
2.4GHz + 5 GHz
Wireless Connectivity 802.11a/g/n/ac Wave 2
2.4GHz 2x2, 5GHz 2x2
Speed (rated) 2.4GHz - 300 Mbps
5GHz - 867 Mbps
Range (approximate)
75' - 150' indoor (3-4 walls), 400' - 600' outdoor
Max users (recommended) 50-100 per AP
Cloud Management
Built-in cloud management (no onsite controller/management appliance required), WPA/WPA2 Personal and Enterprise, captive portal/splash pages, Facebook Wi-Fi, user management capabilities, and much more.
Automatic Firmware Updates
Automatic Feature Updates
Zero config plug and play Yes
Self-forming, self-healing Mesh Yes
Seamless roaming Yes
Wireless LAN
4 SSIDs, bridge to LAN, bridge to VLAN (tagging), Public & Private SSIDs
Warranty 3 Year Advanced Replacement
Installation kit included: t-rail ceiling, solid ceiling or wall, ethernet jack, outdoor wall/pole
Ethernet/LAN 2 x Gigabit
PoE Standard 802.3af,
Passive 18-24V (mode A, B, A+B)
CPU Qualcomm Dakota IPQ4018
Memory 256MB DRAM DDR3
LED Indicators Nine-color LED status indication
Hardware watchdog CPU Yes
Antennas Internal - 2 dual-band
USB (future expansion)
Indoor/Outdoor Rating CE Marked for Indoor/Outdoor Use, IP55
EN 60950-1, EN 55032, EN 62311 (SAR & MPE), UL 60950-1, cUL 60950-1, EN 300.328, EN 301.489-1 and EN 301.489-17, EN 301.893, RCM , C-Tick 4268(2.4G) +C-Tick 4268 (5GHz), C-Tick 3548, ICES-003, IC RSS-247(2.4G) + IC RSS-246(5GHz), FCC Pat 15 B, C, E
Operating Temperatues -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)
169.9mm x 169.9mm x 30.48mm (6.69” x 6.69” x 1.2”)

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