Datto Networking Switches

Finally, a line of switches purpose-built for the MSP

Streamline networking deployments with smarter (and simpler) installation, cloud management and rich layer 2 management features; all of which align with your day to day operations.

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MSP Aligned

Easy to install and simple to manage, Datto Networking Switches include the right set of features for the small to medium sized clients served by MSPs.

Full PoE on Every Port

Power on every port gives you the flexibility to deliver the switching performance needed by most small to medium sized business with few limitations. Datto Networking Switches support PoE + on every port, up to 30W. So plug your devices in and let’s go!

PoE Budgets for Everyone

The Datto Networking E-Series switches boast huge PoE budgets, up to 740W on the E48 Switch.

However, not every business needs a huge PoE budget; in fact, some businesses don’t have a need for PoE at all. But they might down the road. Based on direct feedback from Datto Networking partners, two new switch models now offer the exact same capabilities as the E-Series, but with a smaller power budget. The L-Series is priced as if it were a non PoE switch. Now there is a PoE budget for everyone, starting at 55W all the way up to 740W. And if there is no need for power today, no problem. The L-Series delivers modest PoE budgets for when that power need arises in six months. And it probably will.

VoIP Phone Support

Many MSPs deliver VoIP phone services to their small to medium sized customers. Now these MSPs can bundle Datto switches to deliver the PoE needed by the IP phones. And with Voice VLAN and QoS fully supported, Datto Networking Switches are now the switch of choice for MSP delivered VoIP phone service.

Monthly Service Pricing

Datto switches are priced in the same way an MSP sells its service: monthly. With no contracts requiring that uncomfortable renewal conversation and no charges for an inactive switch sitting in inventory, Datto switches are fully aligned with how an MSP works.

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Born in the Cloud

There are too many switches out there that aren’t managed in the cloud. And for an MSP, that means extra, unnecessary work just to manage a switch. Datto Networking Switches are completely cloud managed.

Datto Partner Portal

If you are a Datto partner, you know the value of the Datto Partner Portal. It’s the place to go for everything Datto, from device management, to sales and marketing tools, to support and training. A one-stop shop for Datto partners.

Multi-tenant Networking Status

Networking Status enables an MSP to monitor all networks and connected devices from a single multi-tenant view. With simple visual cues of a device's’ connection status, the MSP can quickly and easily take action to head off connection issues proactively. It’s all part of being born in the cloud.

Fully Integrated Networks

Datto switches are designed for delivery through an MSP as a fully integrated complement to Datto access points and Networking Management. Better integration means faster network deployments, simpler network configurations and improved network continuity.

SMB Performance, MSP Driven

Datto switches were purpose-built for the MSP to deliver robust switching performance for small to medium sized businesses with features designed to simplify how an MSP manages networking.

Seamless Networking

Datto Networking Switches are designed to work seamlessly with Datto Networking WiFi access points and cloud management system. The entire network can be monitored and managed from the cloud, meaning network technicians can easily drill down into switches or access points in order to debug any issues. Smarter networking means fewer truck rolls to fix any problems. And that saves money.

Enhanced Power Management

With built-in support for PoE+, every Datto switch can power up to 30 watts on all ports, powering several IP devices and taking advantage of a wide range of available power budgets. Datto switches provide powerful layer 2 management features including the ability to remotely enable, disable or power cycle ports. All ports. From the cloud, an MSP can set and manage VLAN and PoE power budgets and view power consumption per port or across all connected devices.

Designed to Fit

With 8, 24 or 48 port models, Datto Networking Switches give an MSP options for virtually any sized network configuration a small to medium sized business might need. Options that include modest power requirements (L-Series) or huge power budgets (E-Series), with the same layer 2 management features in every model. With Datto switches, an MSP will find the right switch to fit most small to medium sized network requirements.

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Just-Plug-it-in Install

All Datto Networking Switches are configured in the cloud, meaning the only thing left to do is plug the switch in. It’s truly that simple.

Zero-touch Deployment

Once a Datto Networking Switch has power and an Internet connection, Networking Management sees it, and starts to report data. This means the MSP can configure the switch remotely, from any browser, without having to physically touch the device. Zero-touch deployment results in lower costs for the MSP and more network flexibility.

Network Cloning

Once a network configuration is set, deploying those same settings to a new network is as simple as clicking “Clone.” That action copies all of the configuration settings and devices to a new network, saving the MSP time and money. Set it once, clone it and deploy. That’s MSP-Centric networking.

Auto-Firmware Management

Datto Networking’s Auto-Firmware Management enables an MSP to schedule when firmware updates will be delivered from the cloud to the networking device. This ability to automate the delivery of firmware simplifies how an MSP manages its fleet of devices, eliminating the need to track different firmware versions, and ensures all devices are optimised for the most current and stable firmware releases.

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L-Series Networking Switches


E-Series Networking Switches
Model DNS-L8 DNS-L24 DNS-E8 DNS-E24 DNS-E48
10/100/1000Mbps Ports 8 24 8 24 48
100/1000Mbps SFP Slots N/A 2 2 4 4
RJ45 Console Ports N/A 2 1 1 1
PoE Capable Ports Ports 1-8 output up to 30W Ports 1-24 output up to 30W Ports 1-8 output up to 30W Ports 1-24 output up to 30W Ports 1-48 output up to 30W
PoE Budget 55W 250W 150W 370W 740W
Layer 2 Features IEEE802.3ad Link Aggregation, Port Mirroring, Port Trunking, IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3, IGMP Fast Leave, MLD Snooping, VLAN Group, Voice, VLAN, IEEE802.1X Port-based Access Control, IEEE802.1X Guest VLAN, Port Security, Port Isolation, Attack Prevention, Access Control List (ACL)
Spanning Tree Protocol 802.1D Spanning Tree (STP), 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP), 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree (MSTP)
Queue CoS based on 802.1p priority, CoS based on physical port, CoS based on TOS, CoS based on DSCP
PoE Management Power on/off per port, Power class configuration, Power feeding with priority, User defined power limit
Additional Management SSH Server, Telnet Server, TFTP Client, BootP/SHCP Client, SNMP v1/v2c/v3 support, Command Line Interface (CLI), SNTP, RMONv1, SYSLOG, Cable Diagnostic
VoiP Phone Support System QoS and Voice VLAN
MIB Support RFC1213, RFC1493, RFC1757, RFC2674
Power Supply Internal Power Supply
Power Cable US/EU/UK/AU
Forwarding Mode Store and Forward
Flash Memory 32MB
PoW Standard IEEE 802.at/af up to 30W per port
LED Indicators Power, Fault, PoE Max, LAN Mode, PoE Mode, Link/Act Power, Fault, PoE Max, LAN Mode, PoE Mode, Speed, Link/Act
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40° C 0°C to 50° C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70° -40°C to 70°
Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 9.4" × 4.1" × 1.1" 17.3" × 10.1" × 1.7" 13" × 9" × 1.7" 17.3" × 12.2" × 1.7" 17.32" × 16.14" × 1.73"
Weight 1.37 lbs 7.65 lbs 4.48 lbs 8.45 lbs 13.8 lbs
Mounting Desktop, wall mount Desktop, wall mount, rack mount (included)
Warranty 3 Year Advanced Replacement

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