WannaCry! The Ransomware Crisis Explained!

WannaCry: The biggest Ransomware attack which hit over 150 countries globally over the weekend and encrypted over 200,000 Computers. Data is being held to ransom leaving companies such as the NHS, Renault, Nissan and Deutsche Bahn, Schenker in a crisis… 

The culprits, WannaCry, they are the creators of the malicious virus which is rapidly infected business systems and causing extreme amounts of downtime.

Watch our webinar where we take a detailed look into...
•    Why the spread was so vast
•    Why you should never pay the ransom
•    What new strands of Ransomware are there?
•    The evolving threat of Ransomware
•    How to recover from an attack
•    How Datto can protect you against future infections