The All-Inclusive Guide to Malicious Evasion Techniques

Online data hacking is increasing; it is important to spot the signs of a possible hack and the ways to prevent them. Mass data breaches and ransomware attacks can incur significant legal and financial damages. The types of attacks a user may face include:


  • Exploits the browser and gains control over the entire system
  • Phishing manipulates the user into sharing sensitive information or downloading malicious software


  • Exploits applications such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat to make documents that appear legitimate
  • Macros manipulate the user into running special document capabilities that can gain control of an entire system

Email is the most frequently used way to deploy malicious content that wreaks havoc. The evolution of tactics includes static, dynamic, and VBA macros. To keep ahead of these malicious threats, we have compiled a comprehensive list of signs to be on the alert for. Ensure your data stays protected using our first encounter threat assessment and prevention solutions.