Partner Success Stories: Datto means Growth

In just one year, Mirus IT grew from a new partner to one of Datto’s biggest players.

Mirus IT Mirus IT is a Milton-Keynes based MSP with a turnover of £7.5 Million. Over 9,000 SMEs rely on Mirus IT to keep their business running. Backup services have been part of their offering since 2009, initially through a D-I-Y solution comprising of a well-known backup software and a Mirus Cloud. However, this method was time consuming, difficult to scale, and occasionally failed. As a result, managing director Paul Tomlinson shopped around - and decided to move to Datto. The migration was painless, and wholly managed by Datto.

As Datto needs very little manual intervention, and can be managed efficiently through the industry’s most popular RMM and PSM software, Datto has reduced Mirus’ support overhead by half. This has enabled the business to focus on growth and development.

As of Q3 2016, Mirus IT have over 130 devices, and they have no intention of stopping there.

Part of the success, Tomlinson says, is that Datto is a ‘great fit’, from a relationship and from a technological standpoint. “The culture of Mirus and Datto is very similar. It really feels like a team effort. And particularly when we get a large opportunity - we work together as one team in that scenario.”

To find out more about growing and succeeding with Datto, and why Mirus IT became Datto’s EMEA Partner of the Year in 2016, watch the video.