Partner Success Stories: Datto means Expertise in your Field

For managed service providers, it is important to define exactly what your business does, the services in which you specialise, and your edge over competitors in your space. It is essential to be able to communicate your business value to potential customers. One effective way to differentiate yourself from other IT providers is to develop a high level of expertise in a specific area or areas. For example, becoming an MSP that focuses on servicing SMBs in Healthcare and Finance or an MSP that specialises in a specific service or technology (i.e. backup and disaster recovery).

Many MSPs have had success providing services to specific verticals. This decision should come down to your personal experience, and the potential clients in your region. It means you will be familiar with regulatory bodies, audit types and any operational quirks that exist within that sector.

Kurt Wjickmans, Senior System Engineer at Carya Group, explains that the approach “is more efficient from an operations standpoint, because you’re providing similar services for all or most of your clients. Our inside knowledge of their business needs is a key feature of our services.”

For Carya Group, an Antwerp-based managed services provider, specialisation is an essential part of the success of the business. Over time, Carya group narrowed their focus to provide IT Solutions solely to car dealerships.

“We are now very well-known in the industry, and are front-of-mind for potential customers.”

Watch the video to find out more about Carya group, and why they were named ‘Pioneer of the Year’ for their narrow-but-deep approach to serving a single vertical.