Partner Success Stories: Datto means a Smarter Business Model

It’s not easy being Break-Fix, which is the traditional ‘outsourced IT’ business model. An engineer would wait for the phone to ring, probably visit the customer location, and then charge for ‘time and materials’. This model, however, results in fluctuating revenue, unpredictable workloads, and staff who are inefficiently utilised.

Break-Fix normally means working with what you’ve got and making the best of a bad situation (including outdated OS and dire cable management), rather than really fixing problems.

In contrast, the Managed Service Provider business model is strategic and consultative. It is in your best interests to be proactive and forward-thinking, and ensure your clients have a bullet-proof business continuity and disaster recovery platform for when those worst-case scenarios become reality. In other words, you need Datto up your sleeve.

1-Fix are a business located in the Thames Valley that specialise in businesses with less than one hundred staff. 1-Fix have been moving to an MSP model for a few years now. Partnering with Datto in early 2016 was a beneficial move, as it acts ‘like insurance’.

For 1-Fix’s Managing Director Craig Atkins, Datto has value for both the clients and the 1-Fix technicians. “In an ideal world we're trying to phase pretty much all of our clients on to back up with Datto rather than the keeping the traditional methods, because it means that all of our guys can rest assured that we have a disaster recovery solution in place.”

1-Fix were named ‘Emerging Partner of the Year 2016’ because of their ingenious Datto positioning.