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SEO - Everything you need to know!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is is used to improve your websites visibility on organic (non-paid) search engine results.

The two main forms of SEO, On-site and Off-site enable you to encompass both technical and creative aspects of marketing in order to drive your business growth.

On-site SEO is vital to any businesses success. It is the process you need to follow in order to make sure your website appeals to both search engines and users. On-site SEO will enable you build your website based on a structure that will get it noticed by search engines. As the IT industry is one of the most competitive markets we have put together this eBook to help you learn more about On-site SEO!

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  • Why keywords will help your organic content stand out
  • How to create your website URL
  • Why meta tags are fundamental to your website
  • How to create sitemaps

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