What's New in Autotask PSA 2019.1

Tune into this webinar for an introduction of Autotask PSA 2019.1 and recent updates to the native LiveMobile app. This release packs a punch with valuable new features and usability enhancements, including:

  • Opportunity UI: Were rolling out the first half of the the new Opportunity user interface which will be consistent with both the Ticket and Task UI. The new layout will increase efficiency and provide more visibility to ensure team members remain accountable.
  • Contract Efficiency Improvements: Many new improvements including new details in the Contract insight, the ability to extend the end date of a contract, configure exclusion sets for multiple contracts, and a new exclusion path available under contract summary.
  • Subscription User-Defined Fields: Subscriptions UDFs are now available as a means to capture user-specific data that is not otherwise available in an Autotask field.
  • 40+ Usability Enhancements: Straight from the Ideas Forum on the Community as well as several exciting API updates
  • LiveMobile Updates: Get the latest information on the journey to a fully native iOS and and Android LiveMobile app. Our mission is to give you the best mobile experience of Autotask so you can be more efficient while at a customer site or just simply away from your desk.