Fireside Chat: What do MSP’s need now and in the future from their RMM.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) systems are the cornerstone for managed service provider (MSP) networks. They help drive efficiency, security, and value for clients while enabling automation and scalability.

In this fireside chat, Datto Senior Solutions Engineer Björn Leenen and Senior Director of Product Management Matthé Smit will provide insights into the current state of the RMM market, as well as their thoughts on the future of the solution. At the end of the session you’ll have the opportunity to ask these product experts any questions you have about RMM.

Here’s a sample of what we’ll discuss:

  • Malicious actors are targeting RMM products and MSPs. What is Datto’s view on the risk vs. reward of RMM for MSPs? And how does Datto ensure that MSPs can trust their RMM solution?
  • Many MSP’s customers are evolving to a combination of work-from-home and cloud-based solutions. How is Datto RMM evolving with this market trend and what do modern MSPs need from their RMM?
  • In a world where all MSPs use one of the major RMM solutions, does it still matter what vendor I use? And how does Datto RMM differentiate itself from the competition?