Partner Success Stories: Datto means Marketing Enablement

It may seem like common sense for SMEs to invest in high availability Backup and Business Continuity to protect their data. Cybercrime, extreme weather, hardware failure, even human error, can all compromise a network.

Not all companies are aware of the threats, however, or know what they should be doing. Many falsely believe that because they have taken backups, they’re safe from harm. Few realise how difficult it is to extract data from tape, and source or rebuild servers. Or that their backups are taken so infrequently, they’re almost obsolete.

That’s where good marketing comes in.

Complete IT (C.I.T) are a long established I.T. support business that specialises in providing productivity support services to the SME marketplace in the U.K. from six office locations, supporting four hundred SME clients with a team of just over one hundred thirty.

Their approach to marketing, and business in general, is that MSPs must help to recommend and educate, rather than ‘sell’. C.I.T see themselves as a consultative business, and the team become a part of their client’s businesses to help them meet goals.

C.I.T received the ‘Marketing Engagement of the Year’ award at DattoCon due to their commitment to educating their SME client base. C.I.T consistently plan and execute campaigns with a successful marketing mix. For example, a typical campaign includes an event, public relations and social media. Learn more about their strategy by watching the video.