Cyber Security: The MSP Opportunity

Cyber Security has been the buzz phrase of the past year and as interest has grown more MSPS are looking for opportunities to protect their clients! So how can you do this and more importantly keep your clients secure?

Datto’s Senior Sales engineer was joined by Complete IT’s Head of Technology Simon Jeffries and Bluegrasses MD, David Thomas.
Simon Jeffries has years of cyber knowledge and been huge part of CIT’s Complete Cyber Security Service implementation and their cyber Essentials events. Bluegrass successfully ran their first Cyber Security Awareness Week in Exeter last year attracting huge attention and has set the gold standard in Cyber Events.

Together they talked about how they have become leaders in Cyber Security Services, how and why their organisations are growing and their top tips for other MSPs looking for a piece of the pie! 

Watch now for exclusive cyber security Livestream to learn:

  • Cyber secrets for a profitable MSP
  • How you can help your clients save time and money
  • Top cyber security tips