Datto Networking Features

Everything you need to keep your SMB clients continuously connected.


Born in the Cloud

Datto Networking was purpose-built for the MSP. That means it was born in the cloud, enabling remote configuration, deployment and ongoing management, all from a single-pane-of-glass.

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Datto Partner Portal

It all starts with the Datto Partner Portal, one of the best reasons for being a Datto Partner. Within the Partner Portal, Datto partners get access to everything they need, including tech support, device management, training, product information, sales tools and marketing materials. And it’s all secured with two factor authentication. It is truly a one-stop-shop of management and business tools built for an MSP to operate more efficiently and to grow its business.

Single-Pane-of-Glass Status

MSPs need visibility across all of their client’s networks. That’s why Datto Networking features a Networking Status page accessed from the Datto Partner Portal. Now, from a single-pane-of-glass, MSPs can monitor all of their client’s networks and connected devices. Networking Status uses visual cues to indicate status. Green is good. Red is bad. We even indicate if the Datto Networking Appliance is in failover mode. And did we say it’s from the same portal used to manage all of the other Datto devices?

Drill-Down Configuration Management

From the single-pane-of-glass Networking Status view, one click gets you into Networking Management where the real fun begins. With simple toggle settings MSPs can turn on client isolation or throttle bandwidth on a guest network and much more. You can even clone configuration settings and quickly deploy them to another network. Networking Management has never been simpler. That’s how we do MSP-Centric Networking.

MSP Aligned

Datto only sells to managed services providers. That’s why we built Datto Networking the way we did, aligned to seamlessly fit into the MSP business model.


Integration with MSP Tools

MSP-Centric networking begins with native integrations with the tools an MSP uses to run its day to day business. With native RMM and PSA integrations, gone are the days of jerry-rigging SNMP or force-fitting technology just to fit networking into everyday MSP tools.

Multi-Tenant Networking Status

Accessed from the Datto Partner Portal, Networking Status enables an MSP to monitor all networks and connected devices in a multi-tenant view. From the same management portal used to manage all Datto devices, Networking Status delivers an at-a-glance view complete with visual cues to indicate a device’s connected state. The end result is an MSP-Centric view of networking devices for an MSP to quickly and easily monitor all client networks.

Simple Guest Networking

The use of guest network SSIDs is becoming commonplace in many small to medium sized businesses. With Datto Networking, the provisioning of a guest WiFi network has never been easier. The auto creation of a VLAN for guest networks, integrated vouchers, splash page editor and support for Facebook WiFi simplifies the process of guest network deployments. Provisioning takes minutes not hours, saving the MSP time and money.

Monthly Service Pricing

Managed services providers typically sell their service on a monthly recurring revenue model. Yet most networking vendors just sell their hardware or they price access to the cloud management on an annual or three year renewable contract. Datto Networking is priced in the same way an MSP sells its service...monthly. We eliminate contracts and contract renewals. It’s pricing that aligns with the MSP, because we only sell to the MSP.


Datto Networking is full of auto-optimizations, constantly tuning to deliver better overall network performance, resulting in more efficient and streamlined MSP managed networking.

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Automatic Self-Healing Mesh

When Datto Networking access points are installed, they automatically form into a self-healing encrypted mesh network. That means the APs not only connect to the network through the ethernet cable, they also form a wireless connection with the other APs on the network. Then, if one of the wired connections goes down, the AP wirelessly connects to another AP, keeping the access point alive. The end result is a continuously operating WiFi network that just works.

Auto-Channel Scanning

Interference can and will impact WiFi radio performance. And since there are so many different variables that can cause interference, a channel that is clear one day may not be as clear the next. That’s why once a day Datto Networking access points do an auto-scan of all available channels to determine where the least amount of interference exists. And if the AP determines it should move to a different channel, it will. It’s all to minimize interference to deliver better quality WiFi.

Auto-Firmware Management

Firmware updates deliver new features and enhancements to improve product performance, improve product reliability, address any known security vulnerabilities and improve overall management of the device. With Datto Networking’s Auto-Firmware Management, an MSP can schedule specific windows to automatically upload new firmware releases to its clients, eliminating the need to track different firmware versions. Auto-firmware management also reduces the likelihood of a client’s devices remaining on outdated firmware for extended periods of time.

Automatic Failover & Failback

When the main Internet connection goes down, the Datto Networking Appliance automatically fails over to the 4G LTE network, keeping the Internet up and working. When the main connection comes back, the appliance automatically fails back to the primary connection. This entire operation is seamless to the user. This seamless failover and failback operation enables the MSP to deliver always connected Internet and maximize its customer’s uptime.

"Just Plug-It-In" Install

Plug your Datto Networking device in and it will self-organize with all of the other Datto Networking devices on the network and automatically connect to Datto’s cloud management Portal.

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Plug your Datto Networking

Because Datto Networking was born in the cloud, all configuration is done remotely with nothing to install on-site. And with configuration templates stored in the cloud, an MSP can quickly and easily configure a new network in a matter of minutes. Being born in the cloud means network deployments will be faster and simpler, and that results in a better overall experience for the customer and for the MSP.

Network Cloning

To streamline new network deployments, Datto Networking enables an MSP to clone an existing network’s settings and configurations, significantly improving the speed at which a new network can be configured. With Network Cloning, the MSP does not have to go into each individual configuration setting, saving time and money. Set it once, clone it and deploy. That’s MSP-Centric networking.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Datto Networking was purpose-built for the MSP. That means the products are extremely easy to install, configure and manage, all from the cloud. Gone are the days of installing a controller on-site or the need to spin up your own cloud to manage devices. With Datto Networking you configure everything in the cloud, and then just plug the device in. That means an MSP does not have to send its most expensive technician on-site for deployment. Born in the cloud configurations with just-plug-it-in installation results in zero-touch deployments. That’s as MSP-Centric as it gets.

Network Continuity

When the Internet goes down, most businesses just stop working. But not anymore. With fully integrated network continuity, Datto Networking keeps the Internet up and running so business does not have to stop.

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Automatic Internet Failover

In today’s Internet driven economy, VoIP phones, email and SaaS applications require a stable Internet connection. Any disruption to that stable Internet connection can and will result in lost revenues and lost productivity. Unfortunately, many MSPs will bear the brunt of the Internet outage “blame game,” even though they might not have anything to do with the ISP or why their client lost connectivity.

The Datto Networking Appliance was purpose-built as an Internet failover device. With fully integrated 4G LTE failover, Internet outages are eliminated, enabling an MSP to avoid those frustrating blame game calls. Always connected Internet with no contract and no extra charges for overages. It’s simple, MSP-Centric failover.

Self-healing Mesh

Maintaining maximum uptime isn’t just about the Internet. For example, if an access point loses its hardwired connection, many access points will stop broadcasting. If this happens in a Datto Networking deployment, our WiFi automatically self corrects with its built-in self-healing mesh, keeping the network up and running wirelessly. For the end user, this means business continues to function as if nothing happened. For the MSP, this means their customers can stay up while they troubleshoot the problem. The result is a win-win scenario for both customer and MSP alike.

Cloud Management

Networking products work best when both hardware and management software operate in a seamless environment. With Datto Networking, the management software is born in the cloud, meaning the ability to set configurations, manage an entire fleet of networking devices and perform proactive client monitoring is streamlined for an MSP. It is the ability for the hardware and software to seamlessly work together that ensures maximum uptime, simplifies deployments and lets Datto Networking just work. Nothing to install and manage onsite. It’s all in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

Datto Networking Innovations

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Datto Partner Portal

There are many companies that build partner portals. But nobody does it like Datto. The Datto Partner Portal is regularly regarded as one of the best in the business. Why? It starts with the fact that the Datto Partner Portal was designed for how MSPs operate. Datto only sells to the MSP. When you have one customer, you can devote all of your energy into servicing and supporting that customer. And that’s what the Datto Partner Portal is. It is the place to go for everything Datto. It’s the MSP’s one-stop shop for marketing, sales, support, training, even device management.

Networking Status, with its single-pane-of-glass, multi-tenant view of all networks and connected devices, simplifies how an MSP proactively monitors its client’s networks. Networking Management, with its drill-down configuration streamlines deployment and ongoing management, all from the Datto Partner Portal.

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Integrated with MSP Tools

Being MSP-Centric means you know and understand how an MSP runs its business and day-to-day operations. Datto Networking, the world’s most MSP-Centric networking product line, seamlessly fits into that business and day-to-day operation. Products adapt to the MSP model, not the other way around. With native RMM and PSA integrations, Datto Networking reinforces the MSP business model and simplifies how an MSP supports its customers.

Monthly Service Pricing

Datto Networking pricing aligns with how a managed services provider sells its service, on a month by month basis. But we go even further. With Datto Networking, there are no contracts to sign. All Datto Networking products are billed month to month, and only if the devices are active. The fully integrated 4G LTE Internet failover does not require a contract with the carrier and doesn’t charge the MSP or its customer with overages. It’s almost as if it’s unlimited data. Almost. It’s just simple, monthly pricing. The same way an MSP sells its service. What could be more MSP-Centric than that?


Fully Integrated 4G LTE Failover

The Datto Networking Appliance features a fully integrated 4G LTE radio, meaning that when the main Internet connection goes down, the appliance detects it and automatically switches over to a 4G LTE network. This automatic failover means customers can continue to work, even when the primary Internet connection is down.

While the appliance operates in failover mode, it continually pings both the primary and secondary (if configured) WAN interface to determine if and when the Internet connection has been restored and is stable. When it is, the appliance seamlessly fails back to its primary Internet connection.

Fully integrated 4G LTE Internet failover. No contracts, no overages. Simple, MSP-Centric and customer friendly networking.



Datto Networking WiFi

Datto Networking WiFi features 802.11ac with cloud stored configurations and management. With rapid deployment options, just-plug-it-in installations and auto-optimization features designed to continually fine tune WiFi performance, Datto Networking WiFi delivers the performance most SMB customers need, with a management interface optimized for the MSP.


Datto Networking Switches

Datto Networking Switches, purpose-built for the MSP, deliver robust Layer 2 management features and are managed from a single-pane-of-glass. With “Just-Plug-It-In” installation and born in the cloud remote management, Datto Switches seamlessly integrate with Datto Networking WiFi access points and include PoE+ (802.3af/at) on every port.


Datto Networking Appliance

Built specifically for managed services providers, the Datto Networking Appliance delivers fully-integrated 4G LTE for Internet failover (no contract and no overages with standard use), built-in network edge routing, firewall, WiFi and intrusion detection and prevention.

Managed Networking Services


When delivering uptime to your customers is your primary focus, like it is for IT Partners in Grand Rapids, MI, Datto’s managed networking services provides a solution that can end the pain of disjointed devices foreve

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