Datto Technical Partner Training Day - Dublin

This event was a success! Thanks for joining us.

Datto Technical Partner Training Day - Dublin

As a valued Datto Partner we would like to invite you to an exclusive event at The Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland. This event will give you a greater insight into the new technologies that Datto have released post DattoCon. This technical workshop will give you opportunity to take a deep dive into Datto’s BCDR portfolio, our brand new Networking solutions, and witness a LIVE Ransomware infection and recovery!

We strongly believe that this event will not only be a valuable investment of your time, but an event which will give you the tools you need to continue to strengthen your business.

Join us as we cover:

  • Deep dive into Datto’s BCDR portfolio
  • Inverse Chain and Datto’s use of the ZFS filesystem
  • Advanced recovery features (Location virtualisation, Fast Failback, latest updates to BMR)
  • Backing up and restoring files to o365
  • Datto Networking Appliance’s 4G failover, threat protection and other capabilities
  • Datto Switches and ease of management
  • Datto Access Points, mesh networking, and speed of configuration
  • Datto Best Practises in sizing, deploying and managing your growing Datto fleet


Thursday 7th December 2017

10:00am Welcome
10:00am Datto intro & history
10:20am Product overview: BCDR, SaaS, Networking
10:30am BCDR features
11:30am SaaS protection
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Live ransomware infection disaster demo
1:25pm Partner portal tour
1:50pm Datto training, marketing and events
2:15pm Break
2:30pm Datto networking features and overview
3:00pm Overview: Networking switches & APs
3:45pm Engaging with Datto, next steps and closing remarks