Cyber Live: The Summer Cyber Series

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Cyber Live!

Join us for our biggest live stream series yet. Four experts, three days and one unmissable topic, Cyber Security.


Part 1: Jamie Bartlett - Completed - Watch Here

Dark Net Guru, Jamie Bartlett re-joins Datto, for the first time since DattoCon16 in London!

On the 30th August Jamie will bring the Dark Net out from the shadows and present an unmissable livestream on the threats, benefits, effects and consequences of the Dark Net & Cybercrime. We will also take a look back and see what has changed in the cyber world since we last spoke.

Part 2: Ian Trump & Nigel Hearne - 5th September, 2PM BST

Highly sought-after cyber security expert, Ian Trump will be joining part 2 of our cyber security series, alongside Nigel Hearne who is also an expert in IT security.

Ian has vast experience and knowledge of helping businesses of all sizes take on and survive cyber attacks. Throughout this live stream Ian will be providing an in depth analysis of current trends in cyber-crime and giving his top tip on how to ensure your business survives.

With over 15 years of experience working in IT Security, Nigel Hearne understands the problems and challenges that most MSPs face. He has worked with a number of ITSEC vendors educating their clients on best practise and how to manage their security investments.

Part 3: Cal Leeming - 19th September, 12PM (Noon) BST

For over a decade, Cal Leeming has been a Cyber Security Advisor and widely considered one of the foremost experts on staying secure in a connected world. From his early days as the UK’s youngest hacker to his leadership role today, Cal brings a unique perspective to cyber risk management. Well be taking a look back into how Cal got into hacking, what was his motivation and how he's moved on from a life of cybercrime...