Mon, Apr 6th, 2020

Datto’s Commitment to MSPs

Dear Partners,

Many of you are actively managing or preparing your families, clients, and businesses through Coronavirus outbreaks around the world. We recognize the gravity of the situation for all. The concept of business continuity has been at the core of Datto’s offering and mindset since day one. I want to share with you Datto’s plans on how we will continue to support you and the MSP ecosystem globally in the days, weeks, and months to come. Here are some specifics:

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Support & Service

We are committed to providing our trademark Direct to Tech 24/7/365 support to you and all of our global partners.

  • We are preparing in all global locations for our partner tech support centers to operate remotely / work-from-home.
  • We are ready to fulfill our SLAs and to continue our culture of service commitment to you.
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Technology Delivery

We continually monitor our supply chain for potential impacts as part of our existing business continuity plan that is in place.

  • We have redundancies built into the supply chain and have the ability to source products and product components from interchangeable vendors.
  • Our plan also allows us the flexibility to distribute products from alternate locations.

As was anticipated, there have been slight delays in some deliveries of Asia-based vendors, but early planning and action has helped. We are in constant communications with our suppliers to assess and minimize any potential effect to delivery. We are not seeing major impacts as a result of the delays and it should not affect the delivery of our Unified Continuity or Networking devices at this time. We have seen recent positive trends across our supplier base, in fact, with production normalizing. We remain vigilant and continue to follow our plan closely.

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Datto Events

As the largest MSP-only event in the world, DattoCon has always been the best at growing, connecting and energizing the MSP community and we intend to bring that experience to you again this year.

  • DattoCon is still on for June in Atlanta. Please check for updates.
  • Decisions on holding Datto Partner Summits and Discover Datto events for MSPs are being made on a case-by-case basis based on local health guidance, and we’re working with venues to provide the safest events possible.
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Your Datto Team

As a cloud-based company with a distributed global workforce, the majority of the Datto team has the tech and tools to do their job securely from any location and they are dedicated to you. We’re making decisions, like you, in real time on when to work remotely, eliminating non-critical travel and monitoring the guidance from local and global authorities to keep everyone on our team safe.

We understand your strong commitment to your clients and your interest in their livelihood. We feel the same way. I will be hosting a live webinar on Thursday, March 26th to discuss lessons learned from navigating past downturns, and provide you with advice on how to navigate through our current environment. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you feel there is anything we can do. We are all in this together as a community.

Stay safe and stay in touch.

Take care,



Tim Weller


Datto, Inc.