Cloud Continuity
for PCs

Reliable, All-In-One BCDR for PCs

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All-In-One BCDR for PCs

MSPs now have a simple way to recover either a single file or the entire PC with the power of image-based backups. This provides a way to easily protect every customer PC from all disaster scenarios. With Cloud Continuity for PCs, MSPs can:

  • Recover individual files and folders
  • Rollback from ransomware attacks
  • Restore lost or stolen PCs
  • Virtualize PCs in the Datto cloud

Simple Deployment and Management

The Cloud Continuity agent sits on the protected PC and connects directly to the Datto Cloud without the need for a local appliance. MSPs can easily purchase, manage, and monitor Cloud Continuity for PCs in the Partner Portal, the same place they do for other Datto products. Here, MSPs can remotely virtualize PCs, perform file restores, pause and delete agents, and view the most recent screenshots.

Reliable PC Backups

PCs move between networks or get powered off, making it difficult to get reliable backups. Cloud Continuity backups will automatically pause when the device has its connection interrupted and then will automatically resume once the device’s connection is restored. Screenshot Verification then validates every backup and alerts the MSP if there are any issues - taking out the guesswork and ensuring reliable backups and recovery.

One Price, One Terabyte, Zero Complications

Cloud Continuity for PCs is built for MSPs, protecting an entire terabyte of PC data for one simple price. There are no overage charges, no extra charges for virtualization or recovery, and backups are available with 1-year time-based retention (TBR) in the Datto Cloud. This makes it incredibly easy for MSPs to resell and maintain consistent margins over time.


An Insurance Policy for your Data

“Our end users get peace of mind because they know their Datto SIRIS is protecting them. We always tell our customers that it’s a great insurance policy. When you do need to use it, you will be very thankful that you have a Datto SIRIS.”

Mark Calzone

Mark Calzone

President, Ash Creek Enterprises

Local + Cloud = Perfect

“SIRIS and the Datto backup solutions have become a profit center for us and given us peace of mind that we have never experienced.“

Hoyt Hagens

Hoyt Hagens

Vice President, ProMission Projects, Inc