Easy To Implement Turnkey Device

ALTO 3 is a plug-and-play appliance that can be up and running in minutes, and managed through a simple web-based management console.

ALTO 3 packs 2TB of local SSHD storage, a powerful Intel CPU, and Dual NICs into a slim mini-PC unit that measures only 5 inches square and 1 inch tall. With it comes plenty of storage available on the Datto Cloud, ready to recover any failed servers with fast Hybrid Virtualization Technology.

Keep Business Running: Instant Recovery To The Cloud

Protect data in the local device with frequent backups, replicate backup data to an offsite cloud location - and if disaster strikes, run your server instantly in Datto’s secure cloud.

Datto utilizes Hybrid Cloud technology to improve redundancy and give users greater protection for their systems and data. The ALTO 3 appliance provides workstations and servers with local data protection. From there, it is automatically and securely transmitted to the Datto Cloud, which provides remote data protection and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). All with a solution that can be installed and protecting servers in minutes.

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