September 07, 2017

You Are The Weakest Link...

By Annie Stroud

Patching, Passwords and Precaution what do they all have in common? Cyber Security. Why do you need to make sure you pay attention to all three? Because without one element you will increase your risk of being hit by a hacker, malware or a Ransomware attack, and ‘you need to assume you will be subject to some kind of attack at some point’.

According to Information Age ‘Ransomware is now the most likely cyber threat to UK businesses’ and after hearing from both Nigel Hearne and Adam Nash, both top Cyber Security Experts, it became clear that protecting your business from all angles is imperative. As both experts stated ‘you are only as strong as your weakest link’.

The Three P’s

One of the more popular topics both Adam and Nigel discussed related to passwords. Although we all take extra caution choosing passwords (full of all the correct element’s) hackers are still able to find a way in. A quick Datto tip: Passwords are not enough. Two Type Authentication offers an extra layer of security protection, and is a tool we use for our Partner Portal. It is evident that hackers can find and will use your personal information to their advantage, so don’t make it easy for them to find. Use a strong password and if possible, Two Type Authentication.

As you know, patching is a software update typically used to increase your system's security. With Ransomware on the rise and the infections using more ‘worm-like’ characteristics, unpatched systems are quickly becoming the main targets, as proven in the recent WannaCry outbreak. For some, patching is viewed as more of an inconvenience than a solution. In some cases patching could cause downtime due to software being incompatible or due to version conflict. However, with Datto’s devices, Partners have the ability to spin up servers in a secure, sandbox environment. Being able to test the patches within a safe, complete copy of the customer's server means that you would get exactly the same outcome; without affecting or potentially breaking the production environment.

Adam Nash stresses the importance of ‘making sure that all your applications are patched’,without conducting monthly updates your systems could be extremely vulnerable to attacks.

Taking precaution is vital when it comes to protecting your business, ‘the most important thing is to be ready and to have a backup plan in place’ This is why education around cyber security is one of the most powerful tools. If you have a workforce full of employees, who are all trained to manage Ransomware attacks you will instantly save time, money and reduce stress. This is why it is important to have a backup solution in place,‘the most important thing is to be prepared with a plan of action when things go wrong’.

‘You are only as strong as your weakest link’.

Missed our Cyber Live event with Adam Nash and Nigel Hearne? Request the copy of the recording here!

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