Why MSPs Need A Unified Business Management Platform

December 02, 2020

Why MSPs Need A Unified Business Management Platform

By Adrian Luh

Efficient and effective delivery of IT support services is central to managed service providers’ (MSP) success. That’s why we believe that a unified professional services automation (PSA) and remote monitoring and management (RMM) experience is required by MSPs. However, not all PSA and RMM platforms are built to integrate effectively enough to improve MSP performance.

Many PSA-RMM integrations have limited, one-way information flows from RMM to PSA. This limits the actionable intelligence that comes from blending RMM and PSA data—making it difficult to answer basic questions such as: Which tickets do I need to work on next? Who are my most profitable customers? What does my sales pipeline look like?

Another big challenge for MSPs is driving efficiency. You need instant access to data to take quick actions. Additionally, you need the ability to eliminate ineffective and reductant processes, automate repetitive workflows, and ensure the right people are working on the right tasks at the right time. Finally, SMBs rely on you to keep them secure and their technology available. You must be able to deliver what you promised and be accountable for the time and resources you expend and the outcomes you help achieve for clients.

Datto’s strategy is aligned around a truly unified, cloud-based solution. By combining Autotask PSA and Datto RMM, MSPs get a seamless and bi-directional workflow, with access to real-time data, intelligent automation and 1-click access across PSA and RMM. Users can work seamlessly in both systems—elevating MSPs to higher levels of insight, productivity, and accountability.

Below are some of the ways our PSA-RMM integration delivers a seamless IT service delivery platform:

Efficient, one-click workflows

  • Every asset and ticket in PSA packed with rich, real-time information directly from RMM to provide instant insight and drive down fix times
  • Technicians can move seamlessly between PSA and RMM with a single click from PSA ticket to remote control, device agent browser, and other support tools
  • Automatic addition of detailed activity notes to the PSA ticket following a remote support session

Automated service desk

  • End users can easily request support using the white-labeled RMM agent system tray icon to submit a ticket directly into PSA
  • Eliminate noise by precisely routing RMM alerts to the exact queue and assigned resources
  • Intelligent platform reduces noise and strips out duplicates, identifying repeat and related alerts, and updates tickets with any status updates
  • Alert and activity information updates in real-time. Asset audit details used within tickets, contracts, and dashboards are updated daily

Business Insights

  • Autotask’s dashboards allow for rich asset and alert information to be easily accessed by anyone in your organisation
  • Consolidated analytics of devices and alert activity allows technicians to immediately take action, increasing productivity
  • Synchronisation of device additions, deletions and changes
  • Reduce billing leakage and increase revenue by automatically identifying devices that are supported in RMM, but not under contract and billed for.

To learn more about how Datto is setting the standard for PSA-RMM unification, register for the upcoming MSP Technology Day on Wednesday, 9th December 2020.

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