When Flood Strikes, Datto Delivers A Prescription For Disaster Recovery

November 17, 2016

When Flood Strikes, Datto Delivers A Prescription For Disaster Recovery

By Chris Brunau

Insurance claims for damage caused by floods in last reached £1.3bn, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has said. And this year is looking just as bad, with Storm Angus battering the UK last weekend with winds of up to 80MPH. 

Spare a moment to think of our US cousins, however, where 80% of business downtime is caused by weather. In the UK, it's just 13%.  The Louisiana Flood in August 2016 has been named the worst US natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, with 510 mm of rainfall and up to 2ft of standing water in some of the most deluged areas.

Rhousands of homes and small businesses were affected. Amid the 10-day span, a state of emergency was declared, and medical services were in high demand. During this time, Advanced Office Systems (AOS), a Baton Rouge-based Managed Service Provider (MSP), played an integral role in keeping a pediatric clinic running.

In August 2016, Fred Self, Senior Technical Consultant at AOS, awoke to find his front yard submerged in water. He soon learned his client’s office, a local pediatric clinic that sees 100+ patients a day, was under two feet of water. All power and IT connections were out. With the expected uptick in the need for medical services due to the severe flood, his client needed access to patient data to write prescriptions and access medical records.

Self immediately was in contact his master MSP, Collabrance LLC. Collabrance partners with IT vendors, like Datto, and helps IT resellers grow profitable in their managed services business. Collabrance offers MSPs the best solutions with U.S.-based support and a vetted technology stack for their partner’s target customers. The MSPs Collabrance works with are paired with strategic business advisors who serve as subject matter experts behind managed IT solutions to ensure success.

Prior to the flooding, Collabrance had equipped AOS with a Datto SIRIS 3 to back up the physical servers in the clinic. The SIRIS 3 performs automated backups and offers the ability to spin up servers in seconds without the need for additional tools.The servers and the SIRIS 3 were elevated within the pediatric clinic, so no water had reached them. However, Self was concerned about the impact to these devices from intense humidity and elevated temperatures.

For more information about how AOS was able to overcome the major flooding and avoid downtime, check out the full success story.

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