When a Routine Server Failure Is Anything But

June 10, 2015

When a Routine Server Failure Is Anything But

By Ian O'Brien

A server is essential for any business, including the public sector.  When your server is working as expected you may not even think twice about it. However, when it fails and is unable to function, that’s a problem. How are you expected to manage data and files? And what if you’re a County Government, with taxpayers’ data, and emotions, on the line?

This exact scenario was very real for Ruth Ann Kearny, Deputy Auditor with Fayette County in Iowa. Kearny explains, “The calls started at 6am, County employees were unable to access the server.” But what initially seemed like a “routine” server failure, turned into something much more complicated than they anticipated.

Kearny immediately reached out to the County’s MSP, Solutions Inc. Zach Ramsey, technical lead at Solutions jumped into action. He remotely took the failed server offline and activated the County's Datto. In most cases a business, or County in this case, runs off the Datto for a short period of time while the server issue is fixed. This was not most cases, however.

The team started analysing the root of the hardware failure. First, with the guidance of the server vendor, the team replaced the motherboard. The server still didn’t work. Back to running off the Datto. Next, they tried replacing the NIC.  The server still didn't work. Back to running off the Datto, again. Finally, the server vendor agreed to replace the server. However, this took longer than promised. So the County ran off the Datto until the replacement server arrived.  Consider the implications if Kearny and the County did not have a Datto to rely on.

According to Ramsey, “Having a client run their IT operations off a Datto for an extended period of time proves that the technology is rock-solid&8212;and the technical support is superb.”

Solutions Inc. serves as an the MSP for more than half of the 99 counties in Iowa. Luckily for Fayette County, Ramsey and his team had implemented a Datto backup, recovery and business continuity solution to protect their data and systems for scenarios like this. Kearny puts it best, “Where our server failed, Datto was Fayette County’s saving grace.”

To learn more about Fayette County and Solutions Inc.’s success story, click here.

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