What We Can Learn from a Hacker?

April 17, 2017

What We Can Learn from a Hacker?

By Chris Brunau

To protect your business from cybersecurity attacks, one of the best resources to learn from is the hackers themselves. If you can peek into their minds, you’ll be better prepared to protect your clients from potentially harmful data breaches and malware infections.

Recently, Nuix released The Black Report, a gathering of research from 70 real-life hackers. Here’s a quick rundown of what we learned:

  • Social engineering is king. 84% of respondents use some aspect of social engineering tactic to gather information about their victims.

  • Don’t forget phishing. 40% reported phishing, a method of delivering malware via email, chat, web ad or website designed to impersonate a real systems or organization, as their favorite method  of attack. For example, the recent IRS phishing scam  you may have seen in the headlines of late.

  • Hackers act fast. 43% reported they could compromise a target environment in as little as 2-6 hours.

  • Hackers are well-educated. Nearly 40% of respondents reported having a college degree, while 26% reported having a postgraduate degree.

  • Employee education is key. 57% of respondents noted mandatory cybersecurity education as an extremely important countermeasure in preventing attacks at any business.

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