Waste Management Company Gets a Clean Slate with Datto

Aug 18, 2016

Waste Management Company Gets a Clean Slate with Datto

BY Sarah Roberts

Why do we visit our local GP instead of just googling our symptoms? That’s simple; we trust their expertise. That’s also why hundreds of thousands of small-to-medium businesses across the world turn to IT Solutions (sometimes known as Managed Service) Providers. Their specialist staff are able to consult, compare and advise, so an SMB receives a solution that suits them.

Waste Management company Wastecycle provides an essential service for hundreds of businesses - so any downtime can cause huge problems. For example, restaurants need waste to be taken away regularly. Food left on site can attract vermin; deter customers; even result in the spread of disease. In fact, a Business Intelligence Assessment showed that just an hour of downtime would cost the company around £4,500. That was without considering damage to reputation and potential loss of customers! As a result, WasteCycle decided to invest in a backup and business continuity solution.

Unfortunately, WasteCycle initially turned to a reseller rather than a true Managed Service Provider. They were sold a tape backup solution which didn’t fit their needs. After a few weeks, they approached a well-known Managed Service Provider in their area, PKF Cooper Parry IT Solutions.

Datto was a fresh start for WasteCycle. Now, the company has a Business Continuity solution which truly suits their needs. Find out more by downloading the Case Study today.

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