May 15, 2017

Why Wannacry Not as Profitable as You Might Think

By George Rouse

It has been reported that the WannaCry creators have only profited $65k so far! There could be a few reasons for this. Bloomberg suspect it is because so little people understand how to obtain Bitcoin and how to use it. Additionally, the process of paying in Bitcoin can be complex and can sometimes take days.

As the 72 hour window of paying $300 draws to a close and the fine becomes $600, we should expect to see this profit grow.

With the Hackers profit expected to rise and the fact that this infection is so high profile, it has been speculated that they will not be able to access their newly obtained wealth without raising red flags.

We know that the WannaCry creators have not yet tried to move any of their bitcoin. Elliptic are currently trying to trace this, however this should be easier to trace when the creators try to withdraw the money into flat currency.

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