UK firms must urgently improve cyber security

August 22, 2017

UK firms must urgently improve cyber security

By Annie Stroud

‘UK firms must urgently improve cyber security.’ ‘68% of UK businesses have no staff training for cyber attacks.’ ‘Cyber threats continue to increase dramatically…’

Cyber security is hitting the headlines more and more each day and it would seem as though there aren't enough enforcements in place to stop it. Staff who lack training and businesses who are unable to protect themselves are at risk of becoming the next victims.

A recent government survey has revealed that a shocking 68% of board members at FTSE 350 businesses are not trained in how to manage and prevent threats. Firms are now being advised to seek training from the National Cyber Security Centre in order to stop hackers disabling businesses and paying out fines. This comes as no surprise after the recent WannaCry attack, which crippled computer systems in over 150 different countries.

Perhaps the most worrying thing is the fact that not all UK businesses have a response plan for when they are hit with an attack. Matt Hancock, Digital Minister understands that “recent cyber attacks have shown the devastating effects of not getting our approach to cyber security right.” It is now up to businesses to ensure that full training is offered where needed and that data is backed up safely to ensure survival.

Datto will be kick starting a plan for all things cyber security live from our Datto pub! Ian Trump, Head of Security at Zone Fox and Nigel Hearne, an Information Security Consultant will join Chris Tate live for our next cyber series event. Not only will they discuss the challenges that UK businesses face when tackling cyber crime, they will also give advice on how to protect your own infrastructure. Both Ian and Nigel have over 20 years of experience in the IT sector and have been analysing the effects of cyber crime from the front line identifying both new and future threats.

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