How to Turn Your Tech Into a Great Salesperson

November 12, 2014

How to Turn Your Tech Into a Great Salesperson

By Ian O'Brien


Running a small business is hard. It’s no different for MSPs and IT consulting firms. In my experience with many of the MSPs I work with I notice a common business deficit. Many simply cannot afford to employ both great technicians and great salespeople. And as their business is focused on technology, all too often, it’s sales that falls to the wayside.

Under-resourced companies shouldn’t fret: it’s not impossible to turn a technician into a high-quality salesperson. With the right pointers and techniques, and a little time, it can be a smooth transition. Here are four tips to get you started.

  1. Instill Confidence: While a technician already knows the most important attributes of your offerings, a sales conversation may be daunting. Remind them that it’s simply having a conversation about the benefits of the solution they already know inside and out.
  2. The Introduction: You’ve identified and set up a meeting with the key decision maker at a prospect. When you meet, give them your business card and a firm handshake – a simple gesture that, in my experience, goes a long way. By opening up a line of communication between you and the person with purchasing power, you make yourself their primary contact for any and all future needs. Also look for clues in the office, something that you can use to show you the type of person you’re working with, to help tailor your conversation.
  3. The Follow-Up: Be sure to follow-up on every interaction with a phone call or email. This is imperative in building a relationship with the primary decision maker. It will give you a better rapport and easier access to that person when you want to inform them of new products or services. Make sure to connect with this person aside from asking for the sale, share market insight or solution updates in between “sales calls”.
  4. The Value: Make it a focus to always bring value to each point. Be prepared to have something they might consider valuable to their business when you interact with the client, such as a recent success story that they can implement. There is no better time to upsell or cross sell than when you are fixing an issue for a client. You will have the chance to point out another feature that will help them improve their business environment and save them money, time or resources.

There are additional benefits to have your technicians moonlight as salespeople. Technicians are trusted advisors that have incredible knowledge about their products and services and can put clients or potential clients at ease. A technician who can sell, can act upon a client’s trust in them. With trust established, it’s much easier to influence and advise, and sell.

With a little extra time and effort, you can turn existing staff resources into an effective salesforce – and have the people who know your products and services best, selling them to your clients and prospects. In the end, it’s a win for your staff, your clients and your business.

Written by George A. Merusi III, Datto Sales Executive

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