Tips For Choosing The Best Vendor Partners

August 08, 2019

Tips For Choosing The Best Vendor Partners

By Annie Stroud

In our latest eBook, How to be an MSP: 7 Steps to Success, we take a look at the seven strategies you need, to make sure your MSP business is running efficiently, including how to choose and build the best vendor relationships! Why not take a look at our third step, to find out how choosing the right vendor to partner with, will help your business reach new heights year on year!

Step 3: Buddy Up: Choosing the Best Vendor Partners 

As you build out your business model, it’s wise to partner with a technology vendor who can help you build out offerings to meet client needs on a continuous basis. These partnerships will equip you with the tools and technology you need to maintain your monthly recurring revenue goals. “Successful vendor partnerships give us access to new products, allowing us to reach new markets, have a competitive advantage, and increase client loyalty,’’ said Stokes.

Today’s leading vendors strive to develop trusting and rewarding relationships with the MSPs with whom they partner. ‘‘In doing so you will be rewarded with new clients who have been brought to you via your vendor’s referral,” said Chris Tate, former MSP at Totally MSP. “That’s why building those relationships is really important.’’ Being an MSP means that you will also need to offer responsive and consultative support. To achieve this, work with vendors who offer the same level of support that your clients expect from you. Vendors who offer 24/7/365 support, for example, will be able to support your needs, as well as your clients, around the clock. This helps MSPs better deliver on their promises to clients and keep things running smoothly.

As your managed service offerings continue to expand, standardisation will become a key component in that growth. For example, if you’re offering BCDR solutions from one vendor and networking solutions from another, you will have two separate vendor support teams to work with. Juggling multiple vendor relationships can be time-consuming and take away from everything else you’re trying to accomplish. Consider working with a single, MSP-centric vendor, like Datto, who can meet all of your technology and support needs, so you can standardise your offerings and streamline operations each day. “As an MSP, standardising offerings is crucial to succeed and grow,” said Stokes. “As you continue to add to the services you offer, strategic partnerships with technology vendors should be key to your product portfolio. Datto is a large part of ours. Their best-of-breed solutions, automation platform, and marketing development funds have helped Aura significantly increase our recurring revenue in the last 18 months and has added significant value to our clients’ businesses, keeping them up and running no matter what.”

To find out the next steps to success, why not download the full eBook today!

How to be an MSP: 7 Steps to Success

We cover the seven strategies for breaking up with break-fix and moving on up towards monthly recurring revenue, or MRR, as a managed service provider.

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