The Link Between Data Protection and Recurring Revenue

April 06, 2015

The Link Between Data Protection and Recurring Revenue

By Ian O'Brien


How customer needs impact MSP opportunity

MSPs can achieve a higher level of data protection for their customers and drive recurring revenue and higher margins–with a total data protection strategy in place. Do you have the right strategy in place to reap the benefits? According to MSPmentor, MSPs enjoyed a 25% increase in recurring revenue year over year. The reason for the increase per MSPmentor, is that MSPs are seizing new market opportunities. One of the biggest opportunities is with Total Data Protection. But how do MSPs know if their offerings measure up? With businesses creating more data than ever, and in more places than ever, it’s your job to ensure it’s fully protected. As you enhance the data protection services you offer, you will in turn increase customer acquisition, improve customer retention, and secure strong recurring revenue. Some things to consider are:

  • Can you protect your customers’ data everywhere it resides–on-premise, in a virtualized environment, in the cloud, and in SaaS applications?
  • Does your current solution confirm when a complete backup is taken? How?
  • How quickly can your solution recover business-critical systems and files?
  • Are you confident your customer can maintain full operations even in the event of a disaster or system disruption.

Guessing at the answers won’t help. Datto created a free assessment tool for MSPs to get a better understanding of how well their solutions 1) protect their customers’ data everywhere it resides and 2) position them for recurring revenue opportunity. Find out now with Datto’s free Total Data Protection Assessment Tool.

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